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Post Cycle Therapy


After the cycle, the adoption of SAA, the body is “locked”. What is going on? The simplification is that in the course of taking steroids provide it with the outside of large amounts of testosterone and therefore cease to be manufactured core. And this is not a problem, as long as the cycle continues. After its completion, however, it comes with a detuning hormones. Consequently, one can expect:



strength decline,

weight loss.

general weakness and malaise,

and other similar effects. Regeneration therefore the cycle, without taking the appropriate preparations can last a very long time and be embarrassing – so from the perspective of the effects of exercise and weight gain during the cycle, which we do not want to lose, and from the perspective of health. Therefore, to avoid such a situation and unlock your body, and thus help him in rapid restoration of good hormonal balance, perform a treatment unlocking. On the market there are many measures that will help in this.


HCG is essential


post cycle therapy - post cycle therapy -


Shortly after the end of the cycle should take the hCG, or human chorionic gonadropinę, which allows you to restore testosterone production and HPTA appropriate value. It is worth remembering, however, that the longer accepting it may impair the reaction of Leydig cells – the period of its adoption, therefore, should be limited to a maximum two weeks after the end of the cycle. The dose should not exceed 500j.


Accept SERM


SERMs are drugs that help restore normal endocrine faster and safer. Should start taking them in parallel with the intake of hCG, since this eliminates the negative effects of estrogens that are produced by the administration of HCG. The most common drugs of this group are:


clomid (clomifen) – increases testosterone levels, taken dose is 50 – 100 mg per day is relatively cheap,

tamoxifen – less than clomid borne organism (need lower doses) is the most effective estrogen antagonist, is also owned by blocking receptors for prolactin.

Medications for unlocking


After a short cycles just one week the use of hCG and 1-4 tegodni Clomid (50mg Ed) or tamoxifen (20 mg Ed), after a long while, it is recommended that two weeks HCG, two weeks vit. E 1000j ed, Armidex 1-3 weeks and 1-6 weeks of clomid or tamoxifen to regain hormonal balance at the level before the cycle.


A well-release cycle will give you a quick return to form and the potential for further training and, in addition, will ease the shock to the body after discontinuation of steroids. Therefore, do not forget about his introduction as the short or the long cycles.

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