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Anapolon (Oxymetholone) is one of the most potent steroids. The medicine is used as a drug Increasing the production of red blood cells. It works by Increasing the amount of erythropoietin – glycoprotein peptide hormone, Which is Involved in the production of red blood cells by the bone marrow. Furthermore, the drug is Prescribed for the treatment of osteoporosis.




Due to its characteristics, it is used in bodybuilding in order to quickly gain muscle weight – up to 10 kg within 3 weeks. It works well Particularly in the first weeks of the cycle. Most athletes taking medicine no longer than 4 weeks. This is related, among others, with a very fast water retention, Which Causes the disappearance of a clear outline of muscle and a gradual build-up of fat.


Dosage: It is recommended to take the preparation at a dose of 50-100mg a day – in the case of intermediate bodybuilders and 200-300mg a day – in the case of bodybuilders global level. Novice athletes should not take this medicine.


Possible connections: esters of testosterone, nandrolone, Winstrol. It is worth remembering That many side effects are Primarily connected to the testosterone.


Side effects: hair loss, acne, Increased risk of prostate cancer, liver damage, kidney damage, Increased risk of atherosclerosis and heart disease, severe headaches, gynecomastia, hot flashes, diarrhea.