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Aquatest (test suspens) – Balkan Pharma


Vial 10ml
1ml = 100mg

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Testosteron suspension – Balkan Pharma (aquatest) to buy in uk steroids shop.

Testosterone suspension in bodybuilding is very often used. It is believed it because one of the most potent and fast-acting injection. It is designed to build muscle mass. Because of the speed, weight and strength of the visible effect occurs in a very short time. In addition, you can feel the increased aggression, higher libido.


The combination of Winstrol or trenbolone nad diet low in carbohydrates is possible to obtain high hardness and muscular separation and poprążkowanie.


Besides being highly anabolic, testosterone suspension exhibits a strong androgenic action, converting to DHT. Further characterized by a very strong the aromatization of estrogen. This can cause water retention, and consequently strong edema and other side effects caused by elevated levels of estrogen.


It is used primarily by experienced bodybuilders. It must also be aware of the need to make injections even 2 times a day. It is quite painful, due to the use of a thick needle.


Very often Testosterone suspension is used in the run-up to the competition.


Time active operation: up to 24 hours


Dosage: 50-100 mg daily; duration of dosing is 4-6 weeks


Action: felt the effects appear after the first injection


Traceability: up to 24 hours


Blocking the HPTA: very strong, unlocked after 24 hours after the last injection


Side effects: gynecomastia, acne, the possibility of kidney dysfunction, high blood pressure, problems with urination.

10x 1ml


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