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Boldenone 300 – Sis Labs to Buy in Uk steroids shop


Equipoise undecaniate a measure used in veterinary medicine. Form ester (undecaniate) is responsible for extending the operation of boldenone. As a result, repeated injections can be significantly less – every 2-3 weeks. Because of its anabolic properties, is used in bodybuilding. It is a testosterone derivative and belongs to the group of strong anabolic steroids. It is at the moderate androgennie, among others, could cause hair loss, acne. Its low aromatics allows for minimal water retention.


Undecaniate Equipoise stimulates the growth of lean muscle mass and allows better muscle definition. It is also responsible for the increased production of red blood cells, which allows oxygenation and increase muscle strength.


Time active operation: 7-9 days


Dosage: 200-400 mg / week (for men) or 50-75 mg / week (for women)


Response: first felt the effects occur after four weeks, and visible growth – 6 weeks


Traceability: to 5 months


Blocking the HPTA: moderate (to unlock occurs after 17-21 days)


Possible connections: muscle mass – with oxymetholone, sculpture – with trenbolone acetate, Mesterolone, stanozolol, fluoxymesterone


Side effects: due to its moderate androgenic effect, can cause acne, increased hair loss, increased aggression; there are speculations that it can run teratogenic.