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HCG or otherwise chorionic gonadotropin is a glycoprotein. Occurs in women in early pregnancy, is produced in the placenta. It consists of two hundred and forty-four amino acids. The mass of atomic particles HCG amounts to 36.7 kDa. It is a heterodimer consisting of alpha and beta subunits. ALFA is the same as the so-called luteinizing hormone (LH), follicle stimulating hormone, the so-called (FSH), thyroid stimulating the so-called (TSH), and BETA, which is very unique to the HCG. The presence of HCG occurs only during pregnancy. Most pregnancy tests available in pharmacies based on chorionic gonadotropin (HCG).


. Chorionic hormone levels begin to rise in the blood of women after 7 days after ovulation. Then slowly but very steadily increasing its concentration to within 2-3 months of pregnancy to achieve their maximum. HCG level begins to drop after 3 month of pregnancy, and the decline continues until birth. The most common drug is obtained by extracting the urine of pregnant women. Action chorionic gonadotropin strongly resembles the action of luteinizing hormone. This drug stimulates the body’s production of male sex steroid hormones or testosterone. In medicine HCG is used in the treatment of infertility treatment in women diagnosed with deficiency of gonadotropins, in the case of men treated with infertility hypogonadotropic hypogonadism. In bodybuilding HCG offers no benefits for women, but it is very useful for men who use anabolic steroids – androgenic, or as it is commonly said commonly take cokes. HCG helps to stimulate the secretion of endogenous testosterone in men. In the body of a man HCG mimics LH luteinizing hormone, which is naturally secreted by the pituitary gland. It stimulates the Leydig cells in the testes of a man, which produce testosterone. This action is very valuable in the period immediately after the completion of the cycle. It helps as soon as possible to restore the proper functioning of the HPTA. Low androgen levels that normally occurs after a cycle of steroid can be very detrimental to the body of a man. The biggest problem in this case is the lack of androgen testosterone and for the second high levels of cortisol, which is determined by the level of androgens. Cortisol in supraphysiological amounts is a hormone strongly catabolic, which causes a rapid breakdown of muscle tissue. Lack of adequate measures to mitigate the activity kortuzolu leads to the loss of a significant portion of previously acquired muscle mass. HCG is also used in small doses of about (500j), during a very long steroid cycles, this allows avoid a significant reduction in the testes.


The main task of HCG bodybuilding restore the response to endogenous gonadal hormone (LH). As a result of the long deactivation ability to respond (LH) may be severely compromised. Restoration of normal secretion of luteinizing hormone may not lead to the secretion of endogenous testosterone at the appropriate level.


HCG helps to restore the kernel to normal size after they suffered atrophy as a result of long przyjomwania anabolic steroids. Excessive amounts of chorionic gonadotrophin, significantly increase testosterone levels for HCG, which can cause blocking of the functioning of the hypothalamus, which is the same as the application of testosterone zatrzkach. This may occur for an elevated level of estrogen in Leydig cells. HCG also increases the activity of IAMP, which is a regulator of cellular activity. The ability of male gonadal androgen to flavor the application of HCG may increase by several times. HCG should only be used as a rapid stimulus to the testes.

Dosage HCG is generally between 500 – 1500 I.U of 1 – 4 days according to the dose tenn period can not be longer than 2 – 3 weeks. Too long duration of the measure may impair the response of Leydig cells to LH in the sposoób difficult to return to homeostasis. HCG injections should be taken at the appropriate time. Example – kończącymy cycle using testosterone Mixu example. SUSTABOL 250 Alchemy, Sustamed of the Balkans, Sustanon 250 Pakistan, testosterone levels will be elevated for about three weeks after the last injection. That’s why you have to wait with HCG is the cessation of life in oragnizmie concentration Sustanon steroid cycle. We wait until the androgen level drops, taking into account the half-life of each of the measures which we took a steroid cycle, and only start treatment with HCG. For Susty it is about three weeks after the last injection. Another example of finishing receiving oral steroid often used metanabolu (Methandienone 10 mg tablets METANABOL ALCHEMIA, Danabol 10 mg METANABOL of Balkan Pharmaceuticals, Dianabol methandienone Euro-Pharmacy), the androgen levels in the blood falls significantly after about 24 hours the day after the last dose metanabolu. Then we start therapy HCG for 3 days before the last dose metanabolu, thus give time for HCG to start operations in our body. Dosage HCG still largely depends on pozimu blockage of the hypothalamic – pituitary – the kernel, as a result of taking anabolic steroids. It is worth to know that safer and more effective is taking HCG in smaller doses and shorter intervals, eg. (500j daily).


As indicated earlier, mimics the effect of HCG (LH is called. Mimetic LH). It is not a measure that restores full normal operation axis of the hypothalamic-pituitary kernel. to this are other means of Clomid and Nolvadex. They restore proper functioning of the hypothalamus. They are necessary to complete the whole process synergistically unlock the anabolic steroid cycle. HCG restores the activity of the testicles, hypothalamus running and restoring gonadotropin secretion from the pituitary gland.


It usually begins with the use of both measures, ending the Clomid. After cessation of injections of HCG. Such treatments will restore normal testosterone levels, stable levels of testosterone after withdrawal of funds should remain permanently. It is the best performance in order to maintain the greatest percentage growth from a steroid cycle. After tight locking cycle should also add small doses of IA as femara, or arimidex and proviron.