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Testosterone Cypionate – Balkan Pharma [1ml/200mg]


10 ML
1ML = 200mg

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Testosterone Cypionate – Balkan Pharma in UK

Testosterone cypionate is present in the form of a sterile intramuscular injection. From the chemical point of view długoestrową form of testosterone. In comparison with the endogenous testosterone it is less polar. The medicine is used in cases where no or reduced production of endogenous testosterone. It can not be used in men struggling with heart disease or cancer of the breast and prostate, kidney and liver.


In bodybuilding it is used because of its strong anabolic properties. Lets get big gains in mass and strength. This shows the strong androgenic activity (this may be converted to a harmful DHT) and is associated with high Aromatization, which can lead to excessive accumulation of water.


Testosterone cypionate should not be used with anticoagulants, as this may result in the formation of blockages or clots.


Time active operation: 5-7 days


Dosage: 200-500 mg every 6 days; dosing period should amount to 8-12 weeks


Action: significant increases are already visible after 3 weeks


Traceability: 3 months


Blocking the HPTA: very strong, unlocked after 3 weeks after the last injection


Possible connections: with strong anabolics, for example. Boldenone, Dianabol


Side effects: may cause hypercalcemia, or increase the level of calcium in the blood, excessive sexual stimulation, oligospermia; sometimes you may experience liver damage.