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vial = 10ml

1ml = 100mg



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Trenbolone acetate (Trenabol) is a derivative of 19-nortestosterone. In veterinary medicine it is used to rapidly increase the weight of slaughter cattle. It belongs to a group of strong anabolic steroids, and therefore is used in bodybuilding.


Ideal for fast building a good quality muscle mass. It also helps to increase the density and separation of muscles, increase strength and regeneration. Its great advantage is the lack of aromatization to estrogen. Due to the high levels of androgens in the absence of estrogen allows the body fat – without the need for drastic diets. In addition, it exhibits anti-catabolic effect, contributing to block receptors kortyzolowych.


Trenbolone acetate – Trenabol is recommended primarily advanced bodybuilders. It is important to drink up large quantities of water and taking of cleansing the kidneys. After the treatment cycle can be carried out supporting the liver.


Time active operation: 2-3 days


Dosage: 30-75 mg every other day, adoption of a measure should be completed after 4-8 weeks


Action: effects felt appear from 3 days


Traceability: to 5 weeks


Blocking the HPTA: very strong, to unlock occurs 4 days after the last injection


Side effects: toxic effect on the liver and kidneys, alopecia, possible hallucinations, acne, increased blood pressure, increased aggression, increased hair loss.