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side effects

Anabolic disease


Taking steroids, should be aware of existing side effects. These include not only the malaise or external changes (acne, gynecomastia, alopecia). It is worth asking realize that steroid use can cause so. Anabolic disease.


Hypertrophy of the prostate gland


Growth and function of the prostate depend on the endocrine. The biggest impact is especially testosterone and estrogen. Taking steroids is not without effect on the endocrine. This leads to an increased secretion of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) – a hormone which binds to receptors located in the cells of the prostate gland. This has the effect of their strong growth and division. While under normal conditions, this process is completely controlled, whereas in the case of taking steroids not necessarily. Therefore it is easy for prostate cancer.


In addition, you should also take into account the excess estrogen, which is also associated with taking some steroids. Their high level is responsible for receptor binding, binding DHT, with the result that the activity in prostate growing. It may therefore occur hypertrophy of the prostate.


liver disease


Many hepatotoxic steroids, and thus lead to liver damage. As a result of the adoption of these measures can lead to cirrhosis of the organ, as well as cancer. Very rare peliosis hepatis. It is a disease which is associated with the expansion of blood sinus. It gives serious complications, however, because abdominal haemorrhage. The disease can also lead to total liver failure.


It is worth to be aware that a regular steroid, particularly in very high doses, it can also lead to liver cancer.




Taking steroids can result in imbalance between the level of “good” and “bad cholesterol. In the bloodstream begins to appear much larger fraction of LDL, which displaces the protective HDL. As a result of this action tends to form atherosclerotic lesions. And this is only the first step. This can result in heart attacks or strokes. It also increases blood pressure.


kidney damage


Taking steroids is not without effect on the kidneys, which can manifest itself, among others, the presence of excessive protein in the urine (so-called. proteinuria). This shows clearly about the damage to these organs due to their excessive load.


This occurs when the kidneys are forced to filter a larger amount of blood from the moment when it came to significant increases in muscle mass due to the use of steroids.


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