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Steroids and Alcohol together?

The combination of alcohol and steroids


Who of us at a party or a meeting with friends likes to drink a few beers or drinks? But before you reach for is not, consider whether it’s worth – especially if you’re a bodybuilder and taking steroids. Why? Because they do not work too well.


Burden on the liver




The first and most important issue to keep in mind is that both alcohol – even in the smallest doses, as well as steroids – so those taken by injection and orally, cause very strong burden on the liver. After adoption of one of these two substances, the work enters the high speed, the load is higher, the higher the dose and the longer the time taken specifics. Liver measure must be because of the very high protein administration. So what will happen with the combination of a steroid cycle with well-oiled event? There may be some big problems with its correct operation and, in extreme cases, may even lead to cirrhosis. Therefore, if only because it is essential to avoid such a connection. There are also those who claim that before they even reach after steroids – either weaker or stronger, it is worth at least a month before discontinued taking liquor to give the liver time to recover before the next very strong load.


The problem with the results of the exercises


Taking steroids, you set about quick results, as it comes to weight gain and later its adequate relief. However, if in the course of taking even the most potent steroid decide to alcohol, you can forget and that your efforts in forming the figure will bring any good results. This is due to a kind of neutralization activity of steroids, and at the same time, the general weakness of the body after a hard zakrapianym evening.


Gynecomastia more likely


Alcohol is a potent antagonist of estrogen and thus can greatly enhance their performance. This in turn, can lead to the occurrence of gynecomastia estrogen, so breast growth. This in turn one of these side effects, which while taking steroids fear most.


The above example shows only the most important adverse effects of the joining together of steroids and alcohol. It is clear that these measures do not go hand in hand and definitely not supposed to be used at the same time, if we want both good health and minimize the destruction of the body, as well as on the good effects of exercise on a cycle without complications and side effects.

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