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Supplements on cycle

What supplements on anabolic steroids cycle?

During bodybuilding workout it is vital to proper supplementation. Without the proper choice of formulations that support the work of muscles, and above all their development, and then shaping the effects are not satisfactory. Supplements should be taken both independently and using steroids. They can be divided into: protein, carbohydrate, so-called. gai nery that increase muscle mass, anabolic steroids – to increase strength and mass, and antyanaboliki – to prevent the burning of fat in the muscles. And how to use them? Below are the most popular supplements, you should turn in your training to maximize results.



Keratin, Glutamine and potassium


Operation of glutamine and keratin by increasing hydration muscle – a matter important because the muscles that are not provided adequate amount of water quickly fall into catabolism, and so the process of degradation and no, the most intense and thoughtful training is to be able to stop. Therefore, glutamine and keratin should be taken, however, not during a steroid cycle, because then they will interfere with the action of steroids. It is important to combine them with potassium, because in its absence may also cause dehydration muscles. A good dose that should be taken during your workout is 4-8 grams of glutamine, 3-7 g of creatine and 500-800 mg of potassium – combined with a meal high in carbohydrates.


Vitamin B12, iron and folic acid


Supplements listed above are important because they help to transfer oxygen to the red blood cells, and thus, the transport of oxygen to the muscles. If you have too little iron, the process of oxygenation of red blood cells is impaired, and the muscles of a small amount of oxygen certainly will not develop. Vitamin B12 helps especially during the growth of muscle mass, and folic acid takes part in the formation of new red blood cells. The recommended dose is the consumption of breakfast, 18 mg iron, 200 mcg of folic acid, and 20 – 30 mcg of vitamin B12.


ZMA and Tribulus


ZMA is a combination of zinc and magnesium aspartate and vitamin B6. Zinc is an important trace element in the production of testosterone, which is essential in the process of increasing muscle mass. Combining ZMA Tribulus enhances the production of testosterone, because Tribulus is the stimulation of the secretion of the luteinizing hormone. Recommended dosage is 1 capsule ZMA and 500 – 750 mg Tribulus.


Orinityna and vitamin B6


These supplements help in increasing the levels of growth hormone – appropriate doses can in this case to give very good results. It is worth it to take approx. One hour before training in the amount of 170 mg per kilogram of ornithine plus 2 g of vitamin B6.


Supplements and steroids


Are supplements are steroids? Of course not. These are measures that help in increasing the weight or prevent muscle breakdown, but much safer than steroids. Of course – you need to be aware that they give less effects than is the case for example when using metanabolu and other such solutions. It is also important to realize that during a steroid cycle, you should also reach for supplements, such as:




glutamine or another rebuilding glycogen,

supplements to prevent prostate enlargement and hair loss.

Reasonable selection of supplements every time you increase the safety training sessions, but also help to achieve better results. However, to choose a suitable plan of taking steroids and combine it with the workouts, you should consult a specialist in this matter.



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