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How to take care of the body when using steroids?


In order to secure excellent results in bodybuilding, athletes reach for steroids. With it you can get better gains in muscle mass, emphasize the sculpture and get a better definition. In addition, steroids help to increase endurance during workouts and add strength. It should, however, be aware that the use of steroids – especially in the long run – has a negative effect on the body. It is therefore necessary to take care of him, to minimize adverse effects. The basis is proper diet.


Take care of carbohydrate metabolism
If you are taking steroids, you are perfectly aware of the fact that the use of these measures affects carbohydrate metabolism. This in turn can lead to increased concentrations of glucose in the blood, which typically leads to diabetes.
When taking steroids, you absolutely need to limit the intake of simple sugars. Resignation of sweets and sugary juices and drinks will be for you very easily. As an athlete who depends on gaining lean muscle mass, I’m used to the limitations of carbohydrates that turn into fat.


Complete deficiency of calcium


Know that steroids reduce the absorption of calcium, while accelerating its excretion. If you’re taking these measures, and want to take care not only bones, but also the nervous system, your diet should not miss dairy products. Fish (only unsalted), white cheese, seeds and legumes – is the basis of the menu.


Ensure proper fat metabolism


As a professional bodybuilder certainly you know that fat reduction is of paramount importance. Meanwhile, taking some steroids (especially those with a propensity for flavoring) results in fat accumulation and increased appetite. That’s why you absolutely need to limit the intake of lipids, particularly those of animal origin.


Mayonnaise replace natural yoghurt, butter – margarine. Instead of yellow cheese, white cheese Eat right. Also important is the appropriate way of preparing meals. Forget about frying and see for cooking, stewing or grilling.


Ensure an adequate supply of sodium and potassium


There are many steroids for adoption has a negative effect on water and electrolyte. As a result, fluid retention and sodium, which causes swelling and weight gain. To minimize these side effects, you should limit the intake of salt, and at the same time put on a gentle diuretic.


It should also be aware that steroids are responsible for the increased excretion of potassium. Deficiency of this mineral leads to disruption of the body. There may be cardiac arrhythmias, and also are possible impairment of the central nervous system. To fill gaps, it is a diet enriched with vegetables – mostly tomatoes.


Avoid the use of alcohol


Steroid combination of alcohol is not desirable for several reasons. Firstly, both steroids and alcohol pose a significant burden on the liver. Taking such measures may thus lead to serious damage to the body.


In addition, alcohol use is associated with providing the body with a good dose of “empty calories”, which very easily formed fat. So this is another reason to give up alcohol stimulants, if you care about getting better results in bodybuilding. Alcohol is not conducive for the building of lean muscle mass.


If you follow the above tips, you minimize the negative impact of steroids on the body. Well then, if you play these principles immediately.

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