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Check laboratory tests of our steroids !!

Steroids with anti-fake codes and lab-tested.

Be sure that you have a tested steroids in 100% legit.

With us you do not have to worry about the originality of anabolic steroids.

Only legit stuff in top prices.

Sistropin HGH lab test result


Test Depot 300 – Testosterone Enan.. laboratory test


Bold 300 – sis labs lab test



Test-Cypio Sis laboratory test

Testex / test C sis laboratory test


Trenabolon Ace sis laboratory test

trenabolon ace sis laboratory test


Tren Enan 200 sis laboratory test

Tren Enan sis laboratory test



Tri test 400 sis laboratory test

tri test 400 sis laboratory test


Anavar 50 sis Laboratory test

Anavar 50 sis laboratory test



Dianabol Sis laboratory test

Dianabol sis laboratory test



Primobolan 100 sis laboratory test

primobolan 100 sis laboratory test



Sustanon 250 sis laboratory test

sustanon 250 sis laboratory test


Test enan / depot 300 sis laboratory test

Test enan / depot 300 sis laboratory test






Oxandrolon / Anavar – Balkan Pharma lab-test


Stanazolol / Winstrol – Balkan Pharma leb-test

Testosterone E – Balkan Pharma lab-test

Nandro D (Deca) – Balkan Pharma Leb-test


Testosterone P – Balkan Pharma lab-test


Parabolan (Tern Ace) – Balkan Pharma lab-test

Test Depot (testsoterne enan) – Sis labs lab-test

Boldenone 300 – Sis labs lab-test











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  1. Is all the sis labs correct dosed to what it says on the vile thank u

  2. Scott morrisom
    I dont hoe nusch stock you want to put into
    Someone that does there own lab reports. I have blogs on eroids and muscle uk forum thaht beong said the proof is in the eating ive used steroids for years and will be ordering SIS SUPERBOL. .My body reacts really well to enanthate i will give a geedback report on customer. Service. Delivey time and the quality of said products it will be honest and truthfull
    So a nyone not convinced or worried etc just stay tuned for my report on when ch will also include aby free samples and or discouys awarded

  3. Do you have a lab test of the sis superbol 400??

  4. When will u get anapolon tablets 50 mg from Balkan pharma back in thanks

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