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Check the customers reviews about us !! reviews – “The most trusted steroids shop online”


Sometimes people are afraid of ordering from unknown web sites.
Please check comments from our satisfied customers for make sure we are a trusted store.

All reviews You Can read below.


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    Very easy procedure to buy, fast delivery and perfect quality. I didn’t really know this website until I decided to make an order. I have no doubt I will come back very soon. Thank you!! 🙂

  2. Top quality steroids at amazing prices
    And first class delivery
    Will 100% use again

  3. Truly outstading experience: I’ve been using Anapolon / Oxymetholone – Balkan Pharma and have had extreme gains in strengh and mass (I need to keep looking after my tendons as I feel I can lift the world lol). Excellent price and delivery next day. Well done guys!

  4. Perfect I’m so happy delivered so fast great stuff spot on ????

  5. Fantastic service order a few bits delivered the next day very impressed . Ignore the negative I got mine and good stuff very pleased

  6. Ordered again . And great service fast delivery . So happy I can get what I want when I want at good prices . Done all checks to make sure there real and they are . Results are good

  7. Wow my order was fast i did get a little worried as there are a lot of scammers out there. I got all my products on time and it seems to be good quality. I will order again in the future when i can afford more gains which is well affordable.

  8. Great service, fast delivery, good communication. buying again!

  9. Excellent service. Ordered with next day delivery and it arrived on time with discrete packaging. Will definitely be ordering from these guys again. 5/5 rating.

  10. Ordered my first cycle through this site. Very nervous and was reassured by the fast reply’s to my enquiries. Postage was lightning fast next day, also confirmed at every step that the money was received and that they had Posted. which really reassured me . So impressed I’ve referred this site to a couple of friend’s. I’m aweek in to my 10mg Danabol cycle and already noticed impressive gains so much so I’m having to slow things down a bit. I will be back for more soon.

  11. Perfect I’m so happy delivered so fast great stuff spot on!!!!!!!

  12. In my search to find legit stuff came across this site and ordered a small amount to test the water.
    Ordering was straight forward and delivery was prompt have had gear tested and all good.
    Will be ordering more items very soon.

  13. top quality products. Fast delivery. 100% satisfied.

  14. darren…….. very good site promt reciet of order

  15. Just received my balkan test c came next day passed all checks on website and is deffo legit so glad I’ve finally found a legit balkan supplier will be ordering more very soon trust me guys this site won’t fail to deliver 5stars.

  16. Top quality steroids at amazing prices
    And first class delivery
    Will 100% use again

  17. 100% use it again. Safe and fast delivery. Really good genuine stuff in affordable prices. Thank you

  18. Great website, quick and easy to order. All information about all the products was clear and concise and enough to make me decide to buy from here.

    Hoping this will work well and touch wood i’ll be back!

  19. Bought clen to test if the site was legitimate. Arrived 1st class well packaged. Ordered test e….same result. Thought it was too good to be true so I checked the product serial numbers on the websites and again…all checked out as genuine products. Great all round service and would highly recommened.

  20. Brilliant selection and all the online support you could need , very quick delivery and a top class product

  21. First time ordering from this site, received the product quickly and discreetly. Checked out product verification code on SIS website which came back genuine. What more could you ask for?

  22. Valentins Surunovs

    I have used this site three times. Every race was satisfied. All orders arrived within two days after payment. Workers quickly answer all questions. I ordered Masteron / Drostanolone Propionate – Sis Labs Box -10ml 1ml/100mg
    Testo Prop Sis Labs Box – 10ml 1ml/100mg
    Both products have been checked on the manufacturer’s website
    The quality is good, after four weeks the amount of fat and water became less.
    The power has increased a little.
    (This was my first experience with steroids)
    Masteron 400mg per week
    Testo prop 400mg per week

  23. Very happy. Arrived quickly and hassle free. I recommend to all
    Many thanks.

  24. ordered hcg and nolva. best price i found and its here today faster than i expected. will order again, thank you. 10/10

  25. Ordered turinabol, looks ligit and have the ability to check on sis labs website. Good value and quick delivery so fingers crossed

  26. Ordered Tren ace, test e x2, deca and dbol, paid £3 extra for special delivery and arrived in 3 days total. Happy with product. sticking with you guys for now. 🙂

  27. Very straight forward, great prices and quick delivery but most of all the gear does a job I’ve had few different like deca 300 sis labs which passed verification code check on 5heir website, deffo getting some more for summer!

  28. My last review didn’t show up so here’s one again.
    Delivery time 5 ???? website 5 ???? quality 5 ????
    Ordered few vials, eg deca sislabs, which passes code online check. Everything does the job well recommended!

  29. Amazing shop, good prices , staff quality 10/10 , fast delivery.thank you.
    Delivery time 5 ???? website 5 ???? quality 5 ????

  30. Was a bit cautious at first buying online as expected to be scamed. This site has not let me down once. Orders arrive promptly.

  31. 3 orders and all perfect,very good communication and very quick delivery,now i waiting on next order 🙂

  32. Excellent service and great products will be going here again.

  33. Very good website excellent products

  34. This is my first order and I can’t understand why this company will not accept payment by debit or credit card The payments are guaranteed and paid straight away

  35. Very good site with a quality and cheap product. Can’t find cheaper anywhere!

  36. Very impressed with the service, ordered Saturday evening and got my stuff Wednesday hologram on the gear so you can check it, we be using this again.
    Service 10/10
    Gear 10/10
    Quickness 10/10

  37. Ordered yesterday for the first time order saying complete now payment has been taken have messaged there email multiple times with no response hope that my stuff comes and I havnt lost 78 pounds to find out it’s a scam… I will keep updated on when delivery arrives

    • UPDATE I got the communication thing wrong I was checking the wrong folder in my email I can confirm communication is very good and when I receive my package i will be placing another bigger order sorry guys

  38. I made the order on Sunday. On Wednesday I received the parcel. All original (I check serial numbers on producers website). I strongly recommend!!!

  39. Order: clen 60 tabs anavar 60 tabs 1b deca 300mg

    Made the order on Saturday and arrived Friday, packed nice and all in correct packaging expected for the clen (wasn’t effect at all) going to be doing a 10w cycle and will posting results and reviews when completed.

  40. Best site online to get your stuff. Fast and easy also the juice they sell us quality, I could get it from the gym but this way no one knows my business. 100 percent recommend.

  41. On my second order last time was orals only to test the waters got my sis Test enough for half of my 15 week 1200mg a week test cycle I’ll buy the other half next payday will definitely be ordering again within a month lol aweasome site no scams here quality gear so far for the stuff I’ve used 🙂

  42. So I have ordered 5 times from and am impressed. A couple of orders were sent wrong but after emailing things were pleasantly rectified regarding resending or refunding. Response time to emails is a few hours, and here is what I found with the drug quality on SIS products.
    Test P Clean and no doubt the McKoy.
    Test A ” ”
    Tren A very obviously 100% legit.
    Tren mix or Superbol 400 @ .75 a week awesome!
    TEST C 100% legit
    Anavar 10ml tabs at 4x morning 3 evening and again awesome.

    All in all THE DOGS NUTZ.


  43. made my first order of testex and boldenone bit sceptical at first ordered Wednesday night both products arrived Saturday morning more than happy thankyou!

  44. amazing just about to order some dianabol and just looking at the site it oozes a helpful atmosphere!
    5 STARS!

  45. Ordered SiS Test E Depot 300 a few weeks ago, arrived within a few days, new SiS batch too as no shrink wrap on the vial, already seeing results, no pip at all either, will be shopping here again, big thumbs up

  46. I ordered Late Sunday night and my parcel arrived Thursday morning…Amazing fast delivery and 100% top quality gear..HIGHLY RECOMMENDED have no fear in ordering with this site whatsoever..

  47. Great quality service with legitimate gear.
    As a user for a long time, it’s great to find a great reliable source, great availability and amazing service.
    Great honest prices to match, thanks guys ????

  48. Ordered acouple weeks ago. Was very dubious wether it was a scam or fake site.

    Took the leap and ordered. Order completion by the next day and arrived within two days. – sent Royal Mail tracking number when requested.

    SISlab Anavar -50mg // checked serial, and was legit.

    Thumbs ups!

  49. 2nd Order: 2 x SiS Depot Test E 300, ordered on Friday, arrived Tuesday, discrete and bubble-wrapped packaging, another big thumbs up, will continue to shop here, nice gains from first order too just 4 weeks ago

  50. On my 2nd order and can’t say enough great things about the site. The items on sale are proper quality. The Balkan oxys are quality. And prices are surprisingly low for a website. Anyone considering an order for the first time, you have nothing to worry about. This site is legit.

  51. Top class, second time ordered. Discreet, hassle-free delivery. Thank you very much!!!!!!

  52. How can I do over night shipping? I’ve been told it’s only 10 business days. I Perfer over night

  53. Great website. Really please with the super quick delivery and top quality gear ! Placing another order NOW! would def recommend.

  54. This website is the best. I ordered few days ago and I already received my order. The customer service is amazing as well as communication and information about my order. I just took my clean and I have to say that it is for 100% real and it works. After one two orders in different e-shops I am happy with my purchase.First time I ordered and they scammed me and didn’t send me anything and second time they sent me fakes. But this website finally did what they promise. Thumbs up I will purchase next time from them.


  56. Top notch, highly recommended. Only place I’ll buy.

  57. Why is all the comments trying to convince you

    • I’m guessing a good few of the comments are from first time buyers that were a bit apprehensive ordering off here. I can say that everything I’ve ordered has been top notch. I’ve gone from getting off someone I know to ordering off here. Cut the middle man straight out. If you haven’t already ordered off here, believe me, you won’t be disappointed.

  58. Once again the team @Steroids-UK to the rescue !!
    Anastrozal needed urgently and from order to delivery was 3 days.



  59. Kwali Mulomba#260978836970#KM04031

    Awesome site bought my gear right on time the good stuff now my gains are off the roff thanks guys you guys rock .


  60. Yo I live in Miami if I steroids from u can u make sure I don’t get tracked

  61. First time I bought online and I like myself it’s a leap of faith after much research. Purchased the Sis 300 Test E and into my 3rd week and this is my fourth cycle and I can feel it kicking in already. What can I say other than from start to finish everything has gone way better than I expected. You def have a new regular customer and it’s nice to see there are some people that see the value in offering quality products and keeping customers happy instead of those fuck wits that do the old run and grab with your money. Clearly this site knows about business .. thank you people will be purchasing v soon.


  62. I’m very pleased with my order ????
    Thank you
    I ordered my full cycle this morning again

  63. Best stuff about by a long mile. Thanks a million my friend

  64. Order process seemed straight forward , now awaiting for my delivery , will update once received!

  65. Omg???? Super fast service, quality products, discreet packaging genuine company ! Will buy from them with peace of mind ????

  66. After 2 days,order nr 6 arrive,
    all perfect,
    100% I will back.

  67. Quality products and great service will definitely use again.

  68. How the hell do you pay?? Would have thought it would be a main link!?

  69. Ordered several times now and have been very happy with service. Products (test e, Dbol, Ancillaries, clean, test prop) are all legit and of good quality. Plenty communication from first ordering to product being despatched. Like some I was worried to do a bank transfer but honestly it went well and products arrived quickly in tracked, discreet packaging. Will be my only source from now on.

  70. Hi I’m very happy customer. If I will order again, I will definitely use this website is 100% Trusted!! Thank you for great service.

  71. Fast delivery literally 2 days!

  72. This site sells the real deal, put a small tentative first order in a few weeks ago, arrived in a few days no problems, have been back now a few more times with incredible mass gains. Do yourself a favour and get your gear from here, you won’t regret it.

  73. I just ordered in 14 on Saturday and i just received today’s on 18th great stuff and very good website I definitely order more after this thank you for it 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ From me

  74. Good site,fast delivery paid with bitcoin,think this is the way forward.

  75. all perfect…very good service…I will back…SOON 🙂

  76. Delivery OK , Packaging OK and products OK so that’s a big OK. Happy with service will definitely use again.

  77. Been using sis labs test e for around 13 weeks now along with some drol and Tri tren all sis stuff had bloods done and test is off the charts my gains are good and strength is insane just ordered again I’m on like 6 orders now all been spot on nice to have a legit source of anabolics keep it up guys!

  78. Great site
    bought my first cycle from this site,

    did an anavar only cycle to start

    the order process was simple however i was a little dubious as theres no online checkout and you have to pay via bank transfer

    however i took the risk and i’ve had absolutely no problems,

    confirmation email came through a few hours after and the product (sis labs 50mg x 60 anavar) was shipped the next day

    they arrived in a discrete envelope about 2 days later (i opted for the faster delivery)

    I ran a 6 week course of anavar only (i was a pussy and was scared of jabbing) 50mg per day for 4 weeks and 100mg per day for the last 2

    and i seen some great results, lean muscle mass increase, strength increase, sex drive increase, muscles seemed harder and i felt great in the gym

    Pretty sure its real anavar (i know theres a lot of fakes out there) as well as my lean gains I got next to no side effects no testicular atrophy, no gyno, no bloating or acne,

    I’m 3 weeks post cycle and i’m about to start my next cycle

    anavar/test prop

    I ordered anavar 50mgx60 again and test prop 100mg/1ml 20ml x2 both from sis labs again

    same hassle free order process and arrived around 2 days after ordering

    would definitely recommend this site to anyone

  79. These guys are spot on. Each and every time

  80. Great site!
    I’ve bought a couple of different items from now. Clenbuterol & anavar.
    Both had great effects.

    Little strange that they only accept bank transfer as payment but after first order arrived fast, communication was great & the products works. It puts your mind at ease.

    Would definitely recommend this site

  81. Best Supplier.
    The website is very easy and the products are original.
    Would definitely recommend this site to my friends .


  82. This is a genuine site. I have placed 4 separate orders and all items have been correct and of the highest quality. They have all arrived within the 3/4 day schedule and everything is discretely packaged. If you are looking for a reliable steroid supplier look no further, this site comes very highly recommended!

  83. Excellent.
    Recieved my order quicker than i thought.
    Very happy customer.
    Highly recommended.
    Appreciate your customer care and quick and discreet despatch

  84. Ordered SIS labs gear, Test E, Deca, Bold & Dbol. 3 weeks in and things are starting to happen quite nicely. SIS brand appears excellent and cheaper than Balkan. Will keep here

  85. This was my first venture in buying steroids online so was very indecisive on where to go. Im now on my second order so I definitely chose the right site! The whole experience from ordering to receiving was very smooth and fast. Both products are genuine and work as they should. Very happy customer and will definitely stick to this source! Thanks guys keep up the good work.

  86. Iv made an order of just under £70
    Pct and other tabs. I made the transfer and followed directions on getting a confirmation about delivery but still not received any emails or deliveries and yes I have checked details more than once to make sure it’s no error off mine. Really thought this was legit!
    I usually order in bulk but can’t put trust in a site like this!! If I revive my order within the next week I will 1000% recommend this site and make my bulk order but as off now I’m a dissatisfied client! Any recommendations to fast deliveries and good products let me know, D Williamson

  87. Hey can you help I’ve never taken steroids before and want to take my first course I’m 63 and have low body fat want to know what to take for my first course to bulk up how much and when to take also what to take for any side effects

  88. What can i say….Excellent genuine site. Payed for my item thursday via bank transfer and received my goods saturday morning. Love this site, sis labs is some of the best test in the world today.

    Thanks guys

  89. These guys are just amazing, brilliant service and incredibly quick, will recommend and use them again.

  90. Great site, great stuff.

  91. Just got my stuff. As an experienced steroid user fit seeems legit

  92. this is my first time ordering from them and now its a game off waiting to see if it legit or not

  93. Do u deliver to Ireland

  94. Made small first order to try out site arrived 48 hours later, Will be using again, recommended.

  95. wow it was quick, thanks. i received my order after 5 day after i send the money.

  96. Iv have been using this site since last year and all the products have been top class fair play and i have had good results sometimes they do take up to 7 days but not often it’s usually about 4 day to deliver but well worth the weight at the moment I am off cycle but looking to go back on within the next couple of weeks and this is the first place i will be coming. Thanking you Owen Ivor

  97. Made first order today jus waiting for item will update when recieved

  98. this site is amazing ! i just bought some clenbuterol to see if the site really works and its very fast and good stuff now ready to buy some more

  99. The best perfect ????

  100. I was apprehensive about making the order but i trusted the reviews an did it on friday evening its now tuesday an i already have them very impressed with the service..looking forward to starting my course hope they do the business….DG

  101. Is this the genuine site?

    • yes 10000% iv orded and they reply fast it was good stuff to test prop sis labs was so strong and then i took there test enanthate that was good n then i went to another site to try stuff out i got test e from a diffrent lab and i have nothing it was real but not so strong this site is good and im gonna keep to it there test is very strong wich is good 100% trust man

  102. hi can anyone re ashore me that this site is legit? and all is good.

  103. good service

  104. im interested to buy but where can i get syringe/needles from?

  105. Couldn’t believe how fast these guys are. Paid very late Thursday night and had it Monday morning.

  106. Great service

  107. The website is very easy and the products are original.
    Would definitely recommend this site .I bought 200£ for the first time with confidence and got everything I ordered.anavar/test cip/armidex/clomid

  108. Spot on! Product turned up when requested! Communication was brilliant! Product verified with sis labs! Will be using this service again! Very happy customer ????????

  109. I was highly dubious about ordering from this site because online shopping is precarious at the best of times. When I seen direct banking I was further concerned and didn’t want to be “that guy” who everyone laughed at for getting scammed. I decided to lodge directly into his account from a local Halifax as a form of personal protection. I lodged the money on Thursday morning and the stuff arrived 9.30am Saturday morning. Everything 100% legit. Next time I will order directly from him in a direct bank transfer with no worries and would recommend this site to anyone. The only consideration I would urge of the site owner is to consider adding paypal as a form of payment, other than that this site is top class.

  110. Fantastic. Product arrived in 2 days. Had doubts about buying online but I will definitely be using again.

  111. 100% legit!! Items didn’t arrive. E mailed the guy, he had realised and resent me more at no extra cost. Arrived next day. Genuine stuff. Biggerorder going in now. Buy with confidence!!

  112. Hi I’m thinking about being a permanent new customer and I wish to know can I pay using my Visa Debit card ? I’m looking to buy Anadrol 50 tablets, thay use to be brown rugby ball shaped tablets with DV3 on them and a nail gruve on them are thay the same? How long for delivery pls? Mr M.Williams.

  113. I’m about to start using sustenon. What’s the deal with having to use clomid with it though? Help please LOL

  114. Great service! A*

  115. Do yall deliver to USA?

  116. Just want to say thanks for the shipment got mine today have to say I was very nervous buying online but said I would chance it after looking at all the reviews and doing my research dese guys wear buy far the best I had read about I live in rep of Ireland and didn’t know how long it would take only took 4 working days to get here very pleased will be back for more thanks again

  117. Is this site legit

  118. 100% just got my order two days after I placed it, SIS products got code on that can be checked on the website, just checked and 1000% legit. Would recommend

  119. Just orderd some stuff just a waiting game at the moment but soon as they come ill write my review

  120. Hi do you deliver to the United States. and if you do how long

  121. Thanks again another great service , great communication, quick delivery. A1 job.

  122. Ordered Anadrol 50, arrived in two day’s going to start cycle tomorrow 1 – 4 Week Androl, 2 – 6 TestE 400 PCT Novadex. Will leave another review after cycle to let you know how it went on

  123. Site is legit ive recieved my order thanks for doing buisness ????????

  124. Also the stuff is legit just put my codes in the an it came back genuine ????

  125. I just check stuff working very good Sustanon very good ,NPP same clean nandrolon I was try
    Alpha Pharma,GEP,Androhem but ths stuff SIS is really good ! Turinabol i prefer Balkan

  126. Has anyone ordered off this site and had it shipped to another country? Did it arrive?

  127. How can i buy steriods in the us without a presciption? I realize this might be a touchy question but i despertly want to get back into taking them. Can anybody point me to a website/way that can makke that happen

  128. Just ordered my test 400 let’s see how long takes as pay extra for delivery

  129. Just got my order delivered and I must say I’m gonna stay here for longer! The product was delivered fast and the confirmation on Sislabs website was positive so this site is 100% legit! I can easily recommend it 🙂

  130. great service. fast and efficent and the product is great

  131. Fantastic service! Ordered to Australia, that’s right Australia and it arrived through customs with no hassles in 6 days! Will be ordering again!

  132. Placed an order at the weekend. Received emails about order being processed then received email saying order has been dispatched, received order today (Wednesday)

    All gear is legit as jumped onto sis labs & verified products all codes approved.

    Speedy delivery


  133. Placed an order for sis labs pct only took a couple of days to arrive considering the snow, 100% legit company conformation on sis Web site for product code. Amazing service

  134. Got my tri test 400 very happy with service and product

  135. Ive been on mine 10 days feeling good 🙂

  136. Could you tell me when I should come off and go back on ? (I don’t want to try the 2 week on, 2 week off)

  137. I thought this was a scammers site and it’s not it’s 100% genuine I would recommend this site to my friends knowing the stuff is genuine an I tested it with eBay testing kit it’s genuine 100% thanks quality stuff ????????????????????????????????????

  138. Second order placed today, again outstanding service all round!

  139. Iv placed two orders and both delivered extearly fast. Communication every step of the way was great. Iv tested sis test e and clomid and it’s genuine. Codes on novladex match with balkan pharmaceuticals websites. I’m only a week or so into cycle bur I can say I already feel it. Great service, thanks alot!

  140. Wenderson da Silva Mateus

    great company I’ve already made orders and arrived very fast I recommend to everyone

  141. Second order delivered, verified with SIS Labs, Great service yet again!

  142. Hi Guys just ordered for the first time been training for 8 years and been looking for a good site,a friend told me about this site and how good they are well i have put my order in just the waiting game now.

    I will add more once i have got my gear i did spend a fair bit just can not wait until it comes

  143. Hi me again

    Very happy got my gear this morning it only took 2 days in total to come i have checked it all out and its all spot on,Got to say this site is the best site i have every ordered they will not scam you they are 100% true

    I have been training for a long time and have used before quite a few times if any one needs any help just send me a message on here and i will do my best to help you

    once i have completed this cycle i will come back and buy again this site you can not go wrong

    Thanks ( very happy)

  144. IS THIS SITE LEGIT ????

  145. Brilliant service yet again

  146. Good communication, very professional I have verified and have tried the gear friends and family say I’m juiced and feel like a superhero, easy online ordering and transfer, an absolute pleasure to find this site and have recommended to others. A++

  147. Hi , I tried this shop for the first time, buying Deca (sislabs). Any questions has been answered within 24h,simple and clear ordering process.
    I have paid my order via Western Union at Thursday late night (most probably it was Friday morning already),
    haven’t sent payment confirmation the same day and Saturday morning I had my delivery (in UK).
    I have checked it on official SIS labs page, confirmed its legit. For me 5*****. THANK YOU!

  148. Just revived my order of test cyp and had 1 shot already all seem good.. went I well. I’m just cruising at moment so doing 1 shot a week just to keep it in.. I will e ordering my next course soon… it came on time and well packaged.. Will keep you up to date with progress….. cheers

  149. Hi all

    I got my gear just over 3 weeks ago the gains are amazing before i had it i was bench pressing 100 kg today i got 6 reps benching last week i started my ghg which i got from here

    I have never slept like i have been and the gain are amazing there is no fake stuff on here once i have done my course i will be back

    never felt so good this is the best site i have ever ordered from so pleased and when i did make my order it just took 2 days to come

    Keep it up guys you are doing a great job and are very helpful thanks for everything

  150. I want to pay for my order need

  151. ordered few times already from this site and everything was legit, all deliveries in the UK was about 2-3 days.
    Used mostly SIS and I can say it works great for me. Highly recommend Cheers!

  152. Hello, i would like to ask about sis labs hgh, is it reliable or not? ive heard bad reviews about sis hgh and i want to know how you think about this. How many iu should i take when first try, what is the max iu i can take?

  153. Does the package say steroids on

  154. HI Guys, Anyone on here ever try their Tamoxifen – Nolvadex ?? cheers Fellas 😉

  155. Hi guys, how is the pct & anti-estro stuff ? any good reports ?cheers fellas 😉

  156. Waiting for order. We will see.

  157. Super so fast,,, delivery and good quality,,,,,thx thx guys soon again shoping with u.Thx

  158. Hi Guys how long does it take to receive an order?

  159. Hi guys, I’ve been training for years keep a fair diet and good amount of training but wanna shred a bit more! Any recommendations on what to use??

  160. Site is 100% legit, made payment via electronic transfer & received the goods with in 3-4 business days. Would buy again!

    Does anyone know where to buy accutane?

  161. Have to admit wasn’t sure about ordering because I have orders from another site and got screwed. But this site is excellent. Orders Thursday got it on Saturday. So far so good with my purches and will be ordering again. Thanks.

  162. Received my first order today – thank you very much – 5 days from purchase to delivery in the UK – brilliant :


  163. Nice easy website to use. Reasonable range of products at cheaper than average prices. Have ordered some winstrol and some clen for a recomping cycle. The customer service was quick to respond to questions and helpful. Although not next day delivery it is still a quick service!

  164. best website here, i got my order 48 hrs after purchasing. highly recommended

  165. Stumbled upon this website by chance, reminds me of another site i used to use which sadly has now gone. Site layout could do with a bit of tidying up as can be hard to navigate at first.. that said, placing order was easy, payment is also easy and then my products arrived two days later.. Absolutely spot on, will use from now on for everything i need and hopefully this site will be around for a while!

  166. Just received my first order today, was sceptical as most seem to be to star with, I’ve had prompt replies to messages and having paid Tuesday morning and received everything Thursday. I’m really happy and will only be using these guys in the future as will others I know for sure. Thanks

  167. Well what can i say , i ordered for the very first time from this site on (June 26, 2018) , and got today ,very happy with service, and speed. Did not even have to message them to ask things about order, was very quick , will be looking to order again , proper little box ,and hologram ,,pro pro,,,will update reviews when few weeks into cycle ,,kind regards…

  168. Just received my order today after Royal Mail losing my parcel they kindly sent me out a replacement.
    Fast delivery.
    Genuine products
    Will be ordering again

  169. 1st time using site, was aprehensive but paid, got updates and delivered no issues in thentime frame inwas told. Useing these guys from now on. Top quality

  170. I buy about 10 times from this page and never been problem,always fast delivery and quality product.
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