Answers for most common questions.


Can i trust Your website?

Just check the reviews from our customers.
You Can see it on our website and on the biggest steroids forum the:
We are the biggest shop in UK.
NOt need to worry, You will get all You paid for.



How long i have to wait for my order after payment?


You  have to wait:

up to 2 working days to confirm the payment.

up to 2 working days to order processing

+ delivery time (depends which method You choosen)

Usually we confirm all orders in 24h and send order next day after.

We not working weekends.




I paid for order yesterday morning, i still not got confirmation.


We confirm the payment up to 2 working days. (usually next working day after payment)

We work monday do friday only.

If You not waiting for order confirmation longer than 2 working days, please be patient.




I paid for order thursday afternoon / friday.

When it will be shipped?


It will be shipped in monday.



I got confirmation “order complete” but not received info “order shipped”.

When my order will be sent?


If You got email “order complete” it is the last email with confirmation form us.

(You not will get emial with “order shipped”)

You just need to wait up to 2 working days for shipment (usually it is next day after we cofirm payment) + delivery time. (depend which delivery method You choose)




I Get tracking number of my order?


We will send tracking within 24 hours of sending the order.



Do You accept paypal Or CC?


We not accept paypal anymore.

PayPal has lock our account.

You Can not pay with paypal for things like this.

We recommend bitcoins, bank transfer or go to bank branch and make deposit.



Why is no plastic seal on the sis labs product?


The sis labs stop make the plastic seal.

You Can check on the sis labs official website.



What happen if courier get lost my order?

If tracking shows the order is lost.
We re-send the order.




What happens if order has been seized by custom office?

If tracking or documentation shows the order has been seized.
You have choice.
We refund 75% of the order price or send order one last time.
(If second parcel also get lost. We not offer any refund then)


Do You accept returns/refunds?

We accept returns/refunds only if there is any problems with the product for example: verification codes not working, products looks different than original or are damaged.



I paid and did not receive any confirmation for over 48 hours.

If your order has been paid and you have not received any confirmation by email within 48 hours, please let us know ASAP!!