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“First time using this source and i am very pleased with this supplier. So I thought they deserve a review from me.

Communication & Ordering process

They always response within 2 days. They answered all of my questions about the availability and the gear. Also I got confirmation of my payment within 2 days and my order shipped fast. I got tracking number for the proccess of my order when I asked.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

The packaging was secure and nothing broken inside.

Items ordered

3xSIS Depot 300
1xClomid (Pharmagrade)

Product effectivenes and experience

First of all i checked the authentication code on the official site of SIS lab and was legit. I already feel the stuff. I am 4kg up at 4 week with calories over 500 from my maintenance . My libido is up too and there is no PIP.

Additional commentary

I was very suspicious and was afraid because there are many scammers out there . Thats the true, but I am very pleased with this supplier. This was my first order to check the source and there will be next for sure.”


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I am Dr. Aditya Sharma, a dedicated urologist specializing in kidney transplants and advanced urological surgeries. My career is driven by a passion for delivering exceptional care and pioneering surgical techniques. Outside the operating room, I have a keen interest in studying the effects of anabolic steroids on bodybuilding, seeking to understand the fine line between enhancing performance and maintaining health.