Please note that this is only a copy of the guide with no details needed to complete the payment (BTC address and amount).
All details needed to make a debit card payment using BTC,
You will find in the last step after placing the order.

Pay with your debit card using an external trusted and secure website.
You don’t need to know anything about BTC.
All You need to do is just copy and paste the BTC address and BTC amount and you are done.
The payment will automatically go to our account.
The payment process will take 2-3 minutes.
You will not have to provide any ID or address details.

Quick guide bellow.

(If you know how to pay with BTC, You can skip the guide and use your favorite method)

On the screenshot bellow You can see example payment details (Your unique details on very bottom of this page)
details 2 e1649341851632

1. Open new card in Your browser and go to website.
You should see those fields:
exchange merc1 e1649341836583

2. Past BTC amount from
(Your BTC amount: “{{CRYPTO_AMOUNT}}” )
3. Past BTC address from Do not past the domain name!
(Your unique BTC address “{{PAYMENT_ADDRESS}}”)
4. In next steps You only need to provide real email and name from debit card.
5. Click “new card” then fill up Your debit card details to pay for order.

That is all 🙂

In reply to your e-mail order confirmation from us, You can past Mercuryo ID that you see at the last stage of the purchase.

The order will be confirmed within a few hours.

You Can check Your order status in Your account.

Fill up the Payment confirmation form after payment is made.


Your BTC address and BTC amount needed to complete the payment: