We move from banxa.com to moonpay.com because banxa minimum purchase amount is 50GBP.
We do recommned moonpay.com.

(All payment details You will see just after purchase. This is only guide)

Please, do not think payment via this method it is too difficult, as many people think when see Bitcoin.
Just try! I guarantee,
You make it done in 3 minutes.
We found the quickest and easiest way as possible.

Instructions for Bitcoin beginners – How to pay with Card using the BTC cantor.

If need help, please write to our website CHAT they will answer immediately and help You in every step of payment.

What will you need?

-GBP amount to pay.
(Look at the top of this page “Total”)
-BTC address
(Look at the very bottom of this page)
-Telephone number (Your own or temporary from here https://www.receivesms.co/available-countries/)
-E-mail adress.



1. Open new card in Your browser and go to https://banxa.com/ website.
2. Click >> Buy crypto now <<

(On the pictures are random BTC wallet and amount. All order have separate BTC address)
banxa typeing4

3. In field “You pay” on BANXA, copy “TOTAL” GBP amount from steroids-uk.com.
In this field have to be GBP, so if You see USD, please change to GBP.
(You Can find Your GBP amount to pay in “Total” on the top of this page)


total amount 2

4. In field „You receive” on BANXA, do not type anything.
(Field should be filled automatically when You done previous step. Do not worry, if now BTC amount is a little different than BTC amount from Your order)

5. In field „Your Wallet” on BANXA, copy Your BTC address from steroids-uk.com.
(You Can find BTC address on the very bottom of this page. On the pictures are random BTC wallet and amount. All order have separate BTC address.)

details btc3


6. Click “Create order”
7. Provide all required details.
8. After filled in Your debit card details and clicked “make payment” BTC order will be confirmed in max couple hours if card payment has been successful.
9. Please make screen shot or picture of the email confirmation which You received from banxa.com after this BTC purchase. Can be useful later in Payment Confirmation Form.

You Can check Your order status in Your account.

Fill up the Payment confirmation form after payment is made.
Just simply click in the link below and fill up the payment confirmation form. steroids-uk.com/bitcoins-payment-confirmation/


Your BTC address needed to complete the payment: