Your parcel has been lost? In that case You have choice what shall we do:
1) Re-Send
2) Refund 75%

The rules:
If You choose option 1 (Re-Send):
You accept that if second parcel get lost, we won’t be able to re-send it third time / refund anymore. It’s all lost.
We recommend to provide new name & address (increase successfully delivery chance)

If You choose option 2 (Refund):
The amount of refund is 75% of original order amount in money.
If You paid by UK bank transfer option, we can refund in to bank account (ONLY BANK BASED IN UK)!!!
If You paid by Revoult / Bitcoins, we can refund to Your BTC wallet only!

Every step below flagged by * (star) is required!!

    Original payment method of order*:
    Bank transferBitcoins or Revoult

    Which option You prefer?*
    Re-sendRefund 75%