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To be able to provide you with with finest top quality available on the market sis labs steroid drugs, we focus on maintaining track of brand new innovations of raw material quality assurance, drug synthesis, and also the final packaging of Sis labs products. Within our laboratories we employ chromatographs of the very most current generation which let us create your own base reference of ordinary drugs. Every as well as every time we get a raw material, it undergoes comparison using the regular and just then could it be approved for manufacture. Sis Laboratories provide you with with raw components having a wholesomeness with a minimum of 98.five%!

For manufacture of oil-mainly based drugs, we only use all-skin oils with double filtration! This would allow it to be attainable for products of improved concentration to be really easily assimilated through the organism. For item filtration, we use ceramic filters which yield very-obvious goods.
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Increasing numbers of people of every age group who choose steroids reflects around the causes of their origin. Most of them still don’t know where to consider such and the way to make sure that the merchandise is reliable. Check in which the safest method to make such purchases, and just what you must know about steroids until once you achieve there.
Steroid doesn’t equal
To begin with, you have to remember that it shouldn’t be compared between your various steroids, because all of them has different qualities, time of active operation and make up a different negative effects. Some steroids may cause their action will stay merely a couple of days and cause less negative effects compared to the situation of drugs which are more powerful and can result in more harmful changes in your body that we’ll remember for any lengthy time

Sis labs oficial steroids

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Payment via bank account transfer is working now!!

Payment via bank account transfer is working now!!


  1. I would like to order a bulk order of the sis Range and don’t really know who to contact

  2. Can I pay with PayPal. I can’t do bank transfer.

  3. I have a compact fracture 16 month ago and now I’ve still got a big hole in my leg as I’m allergic to penicillin so what would u recommend regards

    • There are antibiotics that are not penacillin tipe drugs i am also allergic . See your doctor there are other options.

  4. Please email me I wanna buy but if I can buy using PayPal please email me back if u can

  5. Are the balken steroids good or not?

  6. Hi I have placed an order and sent confirmation 🙂 thanks

  7. M8 u can’t use PayPal it’s bank transfer honestly I was a bit worried 2 so I ordered small it come 4 days later IV ordered 12 times now never an issue at alk

  8. Been ordering here for a while now, #7th order arrived again in great time, always within 3 working days of payment, happy customer

  9. very good staff great service amazing site i recommend quick delivery

  10. This isn’t a fake site! It’s actually worthwhile, mine arrived within like 4 days and was pretty discreet (not that if someone opened the packet they’d know straight away lol). I’d reccomend as it also undercuts a lot of other resellers by £5-£10

  11. Purchased my first dianabol order from here. Was a little hesitant due to the cheap website design, but my order turned up in a day and a half! Very pleased with the speed and the packaging. Haven’t tried yet, but being sis labs I’ve already tested the anti copyrighted code on sis labs website and it’s come back as legit.

  12. I just place my order now on saturday i wait now to confirm they’re received my transfer and waiting for the product is my first time use this website so I will definitely updates when I receive them to let the customers know my reviews for the service delivery and product quality at the moment is fast organised on payment and ordering thanks for the moment

  13. Hiya i have placed an order over the weekend and made the payment as well. And also sent the confirmation . I know tou dont operate over the weekend hence contacting on monday.
    Order number is 9859.

  14. Sorry can anyone point me the right way on how I can get discount coupons for steroids UK thanks

  15. First order wasnt too big wanted to check first.
    Delievry timing is the best place on the weekend and had recieved it by the 3rd working day.

    Still awaiting code update from unipharma.

    Balkan pharma in one pack of test p there were ampules of two different check codes. One code came verified other one came that it may be counterfeit as the code has been checked before.

    Im going to place an order again now. Of sis labs and balkan . Hopefully i wont have the problem of two different codes in one pack this time.
    Primus ray confirmed that tablets were verified.

  16. Hi looking for bulk prices on products as recently acquired some of these products and got great results.
    Looking to order a large amount of units depending on price …….


  17. How do I get your bank details to complete my order how long does it take 4 the order to come thanks

  18. Ask your mom

  19. Usually takes 3- 4 days tops. Depends when you order as they dont post on weekends. Order saturday or sunday and your order should be with you Wednesday Thursday. Got 5 orders from them already, and am working on another for the end of the month gotta wait for payday again. Top notch company you’ll be back for more.

  20. How long until bank transfer is available again , thanks

  21. Hello please can you help I’ m desporit to place a order, I would like to use western Union.. Who or what name do I use when going throughout Weston Union?

  22. I would like to place an order can u get back to me on how to do so and do you sell 50mg dbol?

  23. Hi everybody just received my superbol 400and 200 test. Very happy with the service. Delivered asap which was good. Yet to try…will post when started cycle…
    One concern as I have bought these before from somewhere else. They had plastic shrink wrap round the top of the bottles which you had to tear off. Why has these bottles come without? If you can explain that be great.

  24. So happy with this website. Been let down by so many different suppliers over the last year. I was sceptical at first about this site, I ordered 100 10mg sis labs anavar tablets as a test for genuine products. At first when my product arrived I was a dumbass and typed the wrong code in to the verification site for sis so it came up as fake, then after realising my mistake of putting a O instead of a zero number it then became a verified genuine prodcut. Thank You to this website for a speedy, discreet and professional service. I will definitely be using this site again.

    • how do you order mate

    • I did Thea same thing. I can’t fault the service, fast delivery, quality products.
      I’ve ordered 5 times from this company no problem at all all genuine products I also use the testing kits to verify the product always perfect

      Happy bulking/ cutting fellow builders

  25. hi would like to order but can’t find out to do it

  26. Chanelle Hillhouse

    Hi could I pay via PayPal??

  27. Do u ship to N.Ireland ok? And ever had any parcles intercepted?


  29. Can I pay by pay-pal

  30. My product arrived in quick time, don’t hesitate to order
    Can’t wait to try

  31. Just placed my order now can’t wait for my delivery to come after reading all these positive feedback very exited to try their products for the first time & will definitely leave the feedback again after receiving the products.

  32. Hello is there any chance I can pay via PayPal or does it have to be by bank transfer

  33. Yes here i am again to assure you guys that this Web site is 100% legit the delivery when they said 48 hours it’s 48 hours as soon they receive the payments the dispatch the goods straight away & send u the email as well to confirm. The product comes with the original boxes & sealed serial numbers every thing legit & i tried the deca & testonon second time i can feel the difference in my strength 💪 & size too.

  34. Is paypal possible, for payments

  35. How do you do a bank transfer?

  36. How I do a bank transfer?

  37. Do they send packages on weekends? I ordered my steroids earlier today and i was wondering if i would get them by monday or so. I live in sweden so not to far away.

  38. Hi , I placed the order thursday and friday I got the confirmation and its says is complete . When do I get the product ?

  39. Is Winstrol ok for females to use?

  40. Is paypal possible

  41. I see this site sells needles is it trustworthy ?

  42. Dont get how you pay ??????

  43. Can you pay via pay pal

  44. We’ll
    You guys ship to nz on stealth and well it be ok getting in as I’m
    Willing To Place a large order
    And I k ow customs is strictl I have many times three supreme just wanna try something new

  45. i have placed an order, but how do i do the banktransfer, do not see any details .please advice .

  46. What details for bank transfer?

  47. How can I pay threw PayPal

  48. why is the QPR discounted for Bitcoins ? its showing the full price on the link ?

  49. How do I pay by bank transfer?
    Ive created an order but there is no account number on the confirmation e-mail, just instructions on how to pay with bitcoin.

  50. Can I use paypal to buy.I cant figure out how to use the bitcoin.Being an older gent.Technology isnt my thing.

    • Pay by bank transfer, these guys are legitimate as I have had 5 orders through them and as an older gent myself I can’t get my head round Bitcoin so have used a bank transfer.

  51. Hi, are you an authorised SIS LAB supplier? Also is there any other way of paying except bitcoin?

  52. i wanna do bank transfer for my order. are u lads still in the business ???

  53. Placed my order, and paid via bank transfer on 18/09/18. Received my order today (21/09/18). Used the cheaper standard shipping option too!! Rapid fair play.

    Checked verification code with SIS Labs. 100% genuine product.

    First impression is a great one 😊 Will definitely use again.

  54. I have ordered 2x testosterone enthanate depot 300 (sis lsb) been using for last 4 week’s can see the strength kick in I have tested the juice with labmax LEGIT!!. Very fast delivery not a scam site I will come back for my third order.

  55. Great service ordered and done all the necessary bits that was asked to do ordered weds came sat was scared at first but was impressed with the email after about 24 hrs confirming my order I’ll deffo be using again thanks guys

  56. Today arrive my next order,2 superbol,cabaser,ari….like aways all perfect….love this page…

  57. Just placed my order via bank transfer fingers crossed