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  1. Do you accept payment via western union???

  2. Hi Is it possible to make a wholesale/bulk order with you guys. Thanks Lewis.

  3. Product just arrived !!! all codes check out with sis labs , excellent service, 100% legit , highly recommend and i will be ordering again soon 🙂

  4. Hi guys love your site and bought loads off you in past. Am wondering Will your banks transfer be up next weekend I really need to order some more.

  5. Hi.
    How pay Pay Pal?

  6. Hi what is your bank details? Can’t find it on your website.

  7. can’t do bank transfer

  8. I need to know if this site is legit I need to order if it’s all good

  9. just placed an order through bank transfer, have not heard confirmation yet…

  10. I am a previous customer. I have been relatively happy with your services. Writing to see if you will accept western union payment for my next order. I paid this method on my previous order , but your company is asking for bitcoin which doesn’t work for me.

  11. Hi

    I have been training for a long time this is 100% true started my course a week ago and i know it working form all the little side effects

    Its top class gear half way though mt course i have some HGH to add

    also what i have done for years every two days a week is to add some Andrew liver salts just keeps your liver nice a clean i go just over 18 stone with 21 inch arms its the real stuff,hope that helps

  12. Price on cype 150
    D bol 10 and
    Tren 200 please

  13. Can someone tell me its its legal. Don’t want to get into trouble

  14. Do you take bank transfers

  15. Great service, highly recommend

  16. Ordered 2 times from these guys and both times the items came in 3 days from showing completed on my order. The Test e codes checked out on the SIS website and as this was my first cycle I emailed them with quite a few questions always getting the reply with in 24 hours. I have just made my 3rd order of 2 x Tren Ace so can’t wait to add it to my cycle of Test . Great service

  17. Been using ISIS not sure if they are made by same company, so was going to give these a try, anyone recommend them? There is so much fake stuff going about locally by me…

  18. 100% service. Fast delivery. Never had any bother.

  19. Do you guys still accept bit coin?

  20. How do I pay mate

  21. Bank transfer Sunday night , confirm email Monday am ,just received Weds am .
    This is my third order , no problems at all
    Told every gym rat I Know

  22. Received my order today, no fuss, no hassle all delivered on time excellent genuine service highly recommended .

  23. How do I pay makes no sense

  24. Hi Guys, Anyone on here tried their Tamoxifen – Nolvadex and if so, is it any good ?? cheers Fellas

  25. Can’t speak highly enough, this will be my third order and won’t look anywhere else for my gear. Twice Iv had my delivery next day which is amazing. This is definitely my no1 website to buy from and dnt need to look anywere else. Great service thanks keep it up. Ask them a question and they get back to you fast with good advice. Second comment Iv left as well so says a lot.

  26. Stuff came today , happy bout that , but authentication on box hasn’t been confirmed saying it’s not recognised , fucknows … orderd sislabs Anavar , Duno wether there fake or legit

  27. My mistake guys typed code in rong lol , they authenticated , il be ordering off here again in a couple of days , nice and discrete

  28. Feel the need to leave yet another comment, My order arrived this morning as expected and everything as it should be…without doubt the only place for fast genuine gear 10/10

  29. Best prices, fast delivery! Today received my gear and checked code, totally original. Recommended

  30. I cant find the cart!??

  31. got my order in 2 days flat. Awesome!

  32. Great site great service! Ordered on Monday evening and received on Wednesday quality.

  33. Hello guys I didn’t understand the way to pay during the card payment can u please help thank u

  34. What do you put for your order reference in payment

  35. Third order now very impressed, great service thank you

  36. I’ve bought some stuff and got the special delivery on Friday it’s monday now and it’s still saying on hold I’d like to know if this is legit

  37. Fast postage very happy with that, let’s hope the stuff itself is as good as the delivery!

  38. I was really apprehensive when ordering as I didn’t think it would be that easy, and thought it was fishy with the bank transfer. But I still took the plunge and made my order and for nolvadex. I got the confirmation email on the day (ordered on a saturday) and it was sent out on Monday and I received it on Wednesday. Im genuinely happy and have found a genuine supplier without speaking to potentially dodgy people at the gym lol.

  39. Do they ship to Spain?
    Are they legit?
    Thanks to all

  40. Ordered , emailed them got a fast reply item arrived few days later , new customer now very happy cheers

  41. guys I didn’t understand the way to pay during the card payment can u please help thanks…

  42. Thanks guys received fast service, very happy will use again!!

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