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Every fitness freak in this world hits the gym everyday with the sole aim to procure an aesthetic physique. Fixed workout regimes and healthy diet plans become the part and parcel of any thriving or would be body builder. However, the sole implementation of a strict lifestyle may not always be your holy grail to those horse shoe triceps or your lateral v-cuts. This is where the need for harnessing the efficacies of anabolic steroids in bodybuilding emerges to the surface. However, before you instigate your friendship with these boosters, it is worthy to take a look at their deployment intricacies.

Anabolic steroids – A brief overview

The human body goes through two major processes over its entire lifetime –

  1. Anabolism
  2. Catabolism

While the former denotes constructive activities in the human body including muscle recovery, tissue developments and others, catabolism comprises of destructive processes such as muscle breakdown and bodily aging.

So, it is imperative to strive towards magnifying one’s anabolic procedures to promote healthy muscle growth. Steroids as the name suggest help in exponential lean tissue developments through accelerated metabolism. Anabolic steroids, however, does the same pondering predominantly on anabolism.


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It first came into existence in the 1930s as an effective treatment and cure of hypogoadism (a situation where male testicles are unable to produce enough sperm.) Since, steroids amplify secretion of testosterone; this became a crucial treatment of consideration.

How to consume anabolic steroids?

From newbie bodybuilders to veterans, consuming these PED or Performance Enhancement Drugs depend on a cycle often known as the steroid cycle. The period of this cycle varies anywhere between 6 and 16 days depending on the bulking or cutting session of the consumer.

To consume these steroids, experts suggest starting with a bulking stack and proceeding on to the cutting phase. The main reasons behind this approach of taking anabolic steroids in bodybuilding are –

  • Bulking corresponds to intensive growth phase where muscles gain their maximum volume.
  • Bulking gives way to cutting.
  • During the cutting phase, body builders strive to bring prominence and definition of muscles.
  • Bulking is done with heavier weights while cutting with lighter ones.

So, consuming a bulking or cutting stack should take place under expert guidance and in the right quantities.

While being on an active steroid cycle is important, setting the tone for an off period plays an equally crucial role. The off cycle allows one’s body to go through the recovery phase and effective growth of the lean tissue.

Precautions and misuse –

Steroids are enhancers or catalysts that promote rapid muscle growth in a human. However, inadequate knowledge about the direction of use and choice of steroids may prove detrimental to one’s health.

Keep these following points in mind before deploying steroids on your body:

  • Ensure that your steroid of choice is passed through a reliable lab test.
  • The steroid components are not allergic to your system.
  • The right consumption doses.

So, fulfil your dream of attaining an aesthetic and muscular physic by consuming the right anabolic steroids in bodybuilding.