You might have heard about steroids having side effects, but they also have comparative positive effects that are largely beneficial. Many a time, doctors also recommend steroids such as anabolic ones to individuals who show delayed puberty.

In other cases, anabolic steroids work as performance enhancers and primary user of them include athletes and bodybuilders.

There are numerous benefits of anabolic steroids some of which are discussed below.

  1. Increasing muscle mass

Anabolic steroids contribute significantly in increasing the muscle size and mass among males. The steroids increase the amount of nitrogen in the human body and thereby influence the production of protein. Protein is a crucial element which helps in the production of muscles.

Although muscles would start to appear without any workout but fitness experts do suggest that some exercising can help shape them.


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  1. Damage repair

Another one of the positive effects of steroids is its ability to repair damaged muscle tissues. Anabolic steroids increases the repair time drastically by regulating the hormone cortisol. Cortisol is responsible for causing damage to muscle mass and also slowing down its repair time.

Steroids impact the production of cortisol when the human body is confronted with an injury. Thereby, it helps individuals to recover from injuries much faster and also to gain strength through normal workout.

  1. Reduce body fat

One of the several benefits of anabolic steroids is its ability to reduce bodily fats. According to general believe, steroids increase the production of mitochondria in cells. Working as a fat oxidizer, mitochondria increases the metabolism rate among individuals and thereby decreases the amount of fat in their body.

  1. Testosterone production

Low production of the male hormone testosterone can lead to late puberty among adolescents and also can cause dysfunctions. Steroids escalate the production of testosterone through a process known as testosterone replacement therapy.

High production of testosterone helps youths achieve puberty and also libido among those suffering from dysfunctions.

  1. Production of red blood cells

One of the many underdog benefits of anabolic steroids is how they influence the production of red blood cells. An increased amount of red blood cells not only works in favor of the oxygen carrying ability in blood, but the entire human body as well.

A decrease in the red blood cells is the prime cause of diseases like anemia and thalassemia. An increased red blood cell count can work against these diseases and affect the body’s immune system positively.

  1. Others

Other pros of anabolic steroids include improvement of appetite and muscle mass in cancer and HIV patients. These also further influence physical stamina and energy in athletes as well as bodybuilders.

There are numerous benefits of anabolic steroids although all of them largely remain under shadow due to their negative effects. Experts believe that if administered with care, anabolic steroids can produce low to no side effects at all.

However, one should keep in mind not to get carried away with steroids and consult certified trainers whenever they decide on going the anabolic way.




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