Testosterone Cypionate

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    Testosterone Cypionate is an injectable synthetic anabolic-androgenic steroid, hailed for its capacity to significantly boost muscle mass, strength, and overall physical performance. Opting for Testosterone Cypionate means choosing a tried-and-true bodybuilding supplement that consistently delivers impressive results. It operates by replicating the body’s natural testosterone, providing a sustained increase in hormone levels to fuel an anabolic state conducive to serious gains.


    By choosing Testosterone Cypionate, bodybuilders benefit from:

    • Robust Strength Gains: Propel your strength levels to new heights.
    • Accelerated Muscle Growth: Witness rapid development in lean muscle mass.
    • Enhanced Endurance: Train harder and longer with superior stamina.
    • Fast Recovery: Bounce back quicker from intense workouts.
    • Increased Metabolism: Tap into fat stores for a leaner physique.
    • Heightened Libido: Boost your sexual vitality and performance.
    • Mental Clarity: Stay sharp and focused, both in and out of the gym.

    How Does the Product Work?

    Testosterone Cypionate elevates testosterone levels gradually, ensuring a stable hormonal environment. This elevation assists in increasing protein synthesis, promoting nitrogen retention, and fostering red blood cell production. The result is an optimal platform for muscle growth, swift recovery, and persistent strength gains—key ingredients for a successful bodybuilding journey.

    Recommended Dosage

    Ensure optimal results by adhering to the following guidelines:

    • Men (Beginners): 400-500 mg per week
    • Men (Advanced Bodybuilders): 600-1000 mg per week
    • Women: Generally not advised due to potential virilization.

    Cycle and Post Cycle Therapy

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    Potential Side Effects

    Side effects may include, but are not limited to:

    • Estrogenic effects like water retention or gynecomastia
    • Androgenic effects such as acne or increased body hair growth
    • Mood swings or changes in emotional well-being
    • Disruption of natural testosterone production levels

    Quick FAQ

    • Is Testosterone Cypionate legal in the UK? Yes, with a prescription for medical usage.
    • What’s the ideal cycle length? Between 10 to 14 weeks, depending on your goals.
    • What starting dosage is recommended? New users should begin at 400-500 mg per week.
    • When should I start my post-cycle therapy? Approximately 2 weeks after the concluding steroid injection.