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Check the customers reviews about us !! reviews – “The most trusted steroids shop online”


Sometimes people are afraid of ordering from unknown web sites.
A few comments from  our satisfied customers for make sure we are a trusted store.


On very the end this page is more comments write directly by customers.

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If you need more write us.

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    Very easy procedure to buy, fast delivery and perfect quality. I didn’t really know this website until I decided to make an order. I have no doubt I will come back very soon. Thank you!! 🙂

  2. Top quality steroids at amazing prices
    And first class delivery
    Will 100% use again

  3. Truly outstading experience: I’ve been using Anapolon / Oxymetholone – Balkan Pharma and have had extreme gains in strengh and mass (I need to keep looking after my tendons as I feel I can lift the world lol). Excellent price and delivery next day. Well done guys!

  4. Perfect I’m so happy delivered so fast great stuff spot on ????

  5. Fantastic service order a few bits delivered the next day very impressed . Ignore the negative I got mine and good stuff very pleased

  6. Ordered again . And great service fast delivery . So happy I can get what I want when I want at good prices . Done all checks to make sure there real and they are . Results are good

  7. Wow my order was fast i did get a little worried as there are a lot of scammers out there. I got all my products on time and it seems to be good quality. I will order again in the future when i can afford more gains which is well affordable.

  8. Great service, fast delivery, good communication. buying again!

  9. Excellent service. Ordered with next day delivery and it arrived on time with discrete packaging. Will definitely be ordering from these guys again. 5/5 rating.

  10. Ordered my first cycle through this site. Very nervous and was reassured by the fast reply’s to my enquiries. Postage was lightning fast next day, also confirmed at every step that the money was received and that they had Posted. which really reassured me . So impressed I’ve referred this site to a couple of friend’s. I’m aweek in to my 10mg Danabol cycle and already noticed impressive gains so much so I’m having to slow things down a bit. I will be back for more soon.

  11. Perfect I’m so happy delivered so fast great stuff spot on!!!!!!!

  12. In my search to find legit stuff came across this site and ordered a small amount to test the water.
    Ordering was straight forward and delivery was prompt have had gear tested and all good.
    Will be ordering more items very soon.

  13. top quality products. Fast delivery. 100% satisfied.

  14. darren…….. very good site promt reciet of order

  15. Just received my balkan test c came next day passed all checks on website and is deffo legit so glad I’ve finally found a legit balkan supplier will be ordering more very soon trust me guys this site won’t fail to deliver 5stars.

  16. Top quality steroids at amazing prices
    And first class delivery
    Will 100% use again

  17. 100% use it again. Safe and fast delivery. Really good genuine stuff in affordable prices. Thank you

  18. Great website, quick and easy to order. All information about all the products was clear and concise and enough to make me decide to buy from here.

    Hoping this will work well and touch wood i’ll be back!

  19. Bought clen to test if the site was legitimate. Arrived 1st class well packaged. Ordered test e….same result. Thought it was too good to be true so I checked the product serial numbers on the websites and again…all checked out as genuine products. Great all round service and would highly recommened.

  20. Brilliant selection and all the online support you could need , very quick delivery and a top class product

  21. First time ordering from this site, received the product quickly and discreetly. Checked out product verification code on SIS website which came back genuine. What more could you ask for?

  22. Valentins Surunovs

    I have used this site three times. Every race was satisfied. All orders arrived within two days after payment. Workers quickly answer all questions. I ordered Masteron / Drostanolone Propionate – Sis Labs Box -10ml 1ml/100mg
    Testo Prop Sis Labs Box – 10ml 1ml/100mg
    Both products have been checked on the manufacturer’s website
    The quality is good, after four weeks the amount of fat and water became less.
    The power has increased a little.
    (This was my first experience with steroids)
    Masteron 400mg per week
    Testo prop 400mg per week

  23. Very happy. Arrived quickly and hassle free. I recommend to all
    Many thanks.

  24. ordered hcg and nolva. best price i found and its here today faster than i expected. will order again, thank you. 10/10

  25. Ordered turinabol, looks ligit and have the ability to check on sis labs website. Good value and quick delivery so fingers crossed

    • Was it official? Im thinking about doing it..I already got scamed once lol I cant keep throwing money away 🙂

  26. Ordered Tren ace, test e x2, deca and dbol, paid £3 extra for special delivery and arrived in 3 days total. Happy with product. sticking with you guys for now. 🙂

  27. Very straight forward, great prices and quick delivery but most of all the gear does a job I’ve had few different like deca 300 sis labs which passed verification code check on 5heir website, deffo getting some more for summer!

  28. My last review didn’t show up so here’s one again.
    Delivery time 5 🌟 website 5 🌟 quality 5 🌟
    Ordered few vials, eg deca sislabs, which passes code online check. Everything does the job well recommended!

  29. Amazing shop, good prices , staff quality 10/10 , fast delivery.thank you.
    Delivery time 5 🌟 website 5 🌟 quality 5 🌟

  30. Was a bit cautious at first buying online as expected to be scamed. This site has not let me down once. Orders arrive promptly.

  31. 3 orders and all perfect,very good communication and very quick delivery,now i waiting on next order 🙂

  32. Excellent service and great products will be going here again.

  33. Very good website excellent products

  34. Very good site with a quality and cheap product. Can’t find cheaper anywhere!

  35. Very impressed with the service, ordered Saturday evening and got my stuff Wednesday hologram on the gear so you can check it, we be using this again.
    Service 10/10
    Gear 10/10
    Quickness 10/10

  36. I made the order on Sunday. On Wednesday I received the parcel. All original (I check serial numbers on producers website). I strongly recommend!!!

  37. Order: clen 60 tabs anavar 60 tabs 1b deca 300mg

    Made the order on Saturday and arrived Friday, packed nice and all in correct packaging expected for the clen (wasn’t effect at all) going to be doing a 10w cycle and will posting results and reviews when completed.

  38. Best site online to get your stuff. Fast and easy also the juice they sell us quality, I could get it from the gym but this way no one knows my business. 100 percent recommend.

  39. On my second order last time was orals only to test the waters got my sis Test enough for half of my 15 week 1200mg a week test cycle I’ll buy the other half next payday will definitely be ordering again within a month lol aweasome site no scams here quality gear so far for the stuff I’ve used 🙂

  40. So I have ordered 5 times from and am impressed. A couple of orders were sent wrong but after emailing things were pleasantly rectified regarding resending or refunding. Response time to emails is a few hours, and here is what I found with the drug quality on SIS products.
    Test P Clean and no doubt the McKoy.
    Test A ” ”
    Tren A very obviously 100% legit.
    Tren mix or Superbol 400 @ .75 a week awesome!
    TEST C 100% legit
    Anavar 10ml tabs at 4x morning 3 evening and again awesome.

    All in all THE DOGS NUTZ.


  41. made my first order of testex and boldenone bit sceptical at first ordered Wednesday night both products arrived Saturday morning more than happy thankyou!

  42. amazing just about to order some dianabol and just looking at the site it oozes a helpful atmosphere!
    5 STARS!

  43. Ordered SiS Test E Depot 300 a few weeks ago, arrived within a few days, new SiS batch too as no shrink wrap on the vial, already seeing results, no pip at all either, will be shopping here again, big thumbs up

  44. I ordered Late Sunday night and my parcel arrived Thursday morning…Amazing fast delivery and 100% top quality gear..HIGHLY RECOMMENDED have no fear in ordering with this site whatsoever..

  45. Great quality service with legitimate gear.
    As a user for a long time, it’s great to find a great reliable source, great availability and amazing service.
    Great honest prices to match, thanks guys 👍

  46. Ordered acouple weeks ago. Was very dubious wether it was a scam or fake site.

    Took the leap and ordered. Order completion by the next day and arrived within two days. – sent Royal Mail tracking number when requested.

    SISlab Anavar -50mg // checked serial, and was legit.

    Thumbs ups!

  47. 2nd Order: 2 x SiS Depot Test E 300, ordered on Friday, arrived Tuesday, discrete and bubble-wrapped packaging, another big thumbs up, will continue to shop here, nice gains from first order too just 4 weeks ago

  48. On my 2nd order and can’t say enough great things about the site. The items on sale are proper quality. The Balkan oxys are quality. And prices are surprisingly low for a website. Anyone considering an order for the first time, you have nothing to worry about. This site is legit.

  49. Top class, second time ordered. Discreet, hassle-free delivery. Thank you very much!!!!!!

  50. Great website. Really please with the super quick delivery and top quality gear ! Placing another order NOW! would def recommend.

  51. This website is the best. I ordered few days ago and I already received my order. The customer service is amazing as well as communication and information about my order. I just took my clean and I have to say that it is for 100% real and it works. After one two orders in different e-shops I am happy with my purchase.First time I ordered and they scammed me and didn’t send me anything and second time they sent me fakes. But this website finally did what they promise. Thumbs up I will purchase next time from them.


  53. Top notch, highly recommended. Only place I’ll buy.

  54. Why is all the comments trying to convince you

  55. Once again the team @Steroids-UK to the rescue !!
    Anastrozal needed urgently and from order to delivery was 3 days.



  56. Kwali Mulomba#260978836970#KM04031

    Awesome site bought my gear right on time the good stuff now my gains are off the roff thanks guys you guys rock .


  57. Yo I live in Miami if I steroids from u can u make sure I don’t get tracked

  58. First time I bought online and I like myself it’s a leap of faith after much research. Purchased the Sis 300 Test E and into my 3rd week and this is my fourth cycle and I can feel it kicking in already. What can I say other than from start to finish everything has gone way better than I expected. You def have a new regular customer and it’s nice to see there are some people that see the value in offering quality products and keeping customers happy instead of those fuck wits that do the old run and grab with your money. Clearly this site knows about business .. thank you people will be purchasing v soon.


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