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Testosterone Propionate Classification: Anabolic-androgenic steroid

Active substance: Testosterone

Half-life: approximately 1 day

Detection period: Three weeks Dosage: 50-150 a day

Aromatisation: Yes

Reduction: Yes

HPTA blocking: Yes

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About Testosterone Propionate

Testosterone propionate is a testosterone ester based on an oily solution. The propionate ester is quite short, so its action is much faster than testosterone esters such as cypionate or enanthate. Therefore, it requires frequent injections in order to maintain a stable testosterone concentration in the blood at an appropriate level. The required frequency of injections is the greatest disadvantage of this agent, they must be given daily or every other day. This is especially unfavourable for people with frequent allergic reactions to intramuscular injections.


Among bodybuilders, propionate is seen as the mildest testosterone, often used even during periods of work on the definition. Some even believe that it does not cause as much water retention as its longer esters. However, realistically, such theories are not correct. The ester is removed before the testosterone becomes active in the body and therefore has no effect on the action of the primary hormone. It can only influence the time it takes to operate. Testosterone propionate is the only ester that can be used by women. Due to the short period of activity, its concentration in the blood is easier to control. In the event of the onset of side effects, especially unfavourable side effects for women, they do not have to wait for several weeks before its concentration subsides.

For the dedicated bodybuilder in the United States, balancing quality with cost is key. Luckily, Check Testosterone-P sale USA with pharma-grade products at rock-bottom prices. Some veterinary concerns, as well as underground laboratories, produce propionate with a concentration of 250mg / ml. It is of course a product only for very advanced bodybuilders and weightlifters, since such concentrations are achieved by long-acting testosterones (cypionate and enanthate).

Testosterone sides effects

Another unfavourable property of testosterone (and more precisely due to the possibility of converting testosterone into DHT) is its high androgenicity. The side effects associated with it are often revealed – oily skin, acne, excessive body hair, increased aggression, acceleration of baldness, prostate enlargement. These effects can be minimised by limiting testosterone conversion to DHT, i.e. by taking medications such as I5AR. Finasteride and dutasteride, by reducing the blood levels of this metabolite, are also likely to reduce the associated side effects, thereby exposing themselves to greater aromatisation.

Propianate dosage

The most commonly used propionate dosage by men is to inject 50-100mg each day or every other day. As with the longer esters, the weekly dose should be up to 300 – 700 mg. No matter your goals, get high quality gear like PharmaQo Testosterone-P 100 to pack on maximum results. Like any injectable testosterone, this one is also great for building muscle mass and strength. It is most often combined with agents such as Dianabol, Anadrol, or a slightly different option, Deca-Durabolin. On the other hand, for use in definition work cycles, it is taken in conjunction with non-aromatising anabolics, taking advantage of the positive androgenic properties and short duration of action.


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