It’s not unusual among athletes and body builders to use steroids to enhance body performance. It’s also popular among other individuals who want to gain body weight, grow muscles, and to improve their appearance. The best steroid products common among bodybuilders are:

  • Testosterone
  • Winstrol
  • Anavar
  • Trenbolone
  • Deca-Durabolin
  • Dianabol
  • Sustanon
  • Clenbuterol
  • Anadrol

Anabolic Steroids

This is the most used steroids in the market. It is a synthetic variant of the male hormone testosterone and is used to treat problems like delayed puberty and low level of testosterone.  However, this particular steroid is not available widely in the HG or Human Grade market since it is produced in limited quantities. But, it has no restrictions in the underground market. They continue to be the number one choice among the steroid users because of its availability and affordability.

Buying Steroids

When it comes to buying steroids, you will get a plenty of websites which are a few clicks away. But you need to check the credibility of the websites since you need to buy it fair quality and safe. Many of the users have failed to buy good quality steroids. So, before buying steroids you need to make sure about getting steroids that are not fake gears, under dosed or contaminated.

Underground steroids are cheapest in comparison to Human Grade Anabolic steroids. But this doesn’t mean you’ll get good quality product because they are illegal. High quality steroids are only found in the HG market and are issued only with doctor’s prescribed prescriptions. Then again, you won’t get decent quality steroids at low price. So, if you get a site with unbelievably low priced steroids, it’s better to avoid it.

But there’s a way to buy low priced steroids. There are a number of manufacturers who sell steroids directly to customers. If you can find such manufacturers or even suppliers, check its genuineness and go for it.

Laboratory tested steroids

When it’s come to the quality of product, it’s better to buy laboratory tested steroids. They are usually certified products and have undergone through several tests and quality check procedures. Lab tested steroid are done to prevent steroid abuse which is the gateway for many deadly diseases like HIV Aids, Hepatitis B and C infections.

Best manufacturer of steroids with check codes

To buy the best steroid that is 100% authentic and reliable, there is a unique code on each of them. You have to check the code of the products on the manufacturer websites. In this process, you will be double sure about the authenticity of the product that you have bought. Here is a list of the best manufacturers who boast to provide high quality steroids-

  • Meditech Labs
  • Balkan Pharmaceuticals
  • Concentrex
  • Norma Hellas
  • Bayer
  • Pharmacom labs
  • Organon
  • Signature Pharmaceuticals
  • Kalpa Pharmaceuticals
  • SP Laboratories
  • Geneza
  • British Dispensary
  • GainzLab
  • British Dragon
  • Magnus Pharmaceuticals
  • Pharma Lab
  • Sterling Knight
  • ElitePharm
  • LA Pharma
  • Alpha Pharma
  • Black Dragon
  • Black Dragon
  • Genesis labs
  • Thaiger Pharma


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Steroids are a quick way to enhance your physical performance. But it’s better to use it under proper guidance and controlled usage. Also, there are various types of steroids for various uses like cutting, body building, body weight, muscles etc. So, before going for steroids it’s advisable to know what steroids you should actually go for.