Cytomel(t3) Description, dosage, side effects, cycle.

Cytomel is a prescription medicine used in treatment for the symptoms of nontoxic goiter, hypothyroidism, myxedema and myxedema coma. It can be used by itself or also can be taken with other medications.

This medication falls under a class of synthetic form of drugs called Thyroid hormones, which goes by the name of t3, liothyronine or Triiodothyronine. The chemical name is (2S)-2-amino-3-[4-(4-hydroxy-3-iodophenoxy)-3,5-diiodophenyl]propanoic acid and the formula is C15H12I3NO4.


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About Cytomel-t3

  • CLASSIFICATION: Thyroid hormone
  • DOSAGE: 25-75 mcg/day
  • ACNE: No
  • HBR: Yes




T3 affects just about every physiological process from heart rate, metabolism, to development and growth associated with anabolics, so that is why it is widely used in the arena of professional sports, especially body building, however unlike anabolics it is a different compound type and would not fall under the category of anabolic steroids.

Probably the greatest benefit provided by it is fat loss, do bare mind it may not be as noticable, therefore a regular regimen of diet and exercise is now evermore important to maintain a now more efficiently running metabolism. The anabolic activity index and androgenic activity index can differ for both men and women.

Detection Time

The length in time before the effects of Cytomel-t3 and how fast you notice changes can differ for each individual in some cases a few weeks and others as quickly as a few days.

As with professional body builders were doses are usually higher and usage is at a cycle length of about 8 weeks, results can be sped up by and go well with performing regular cardiovascular, other exercises related to fat loss, and maintaining a calorie controlled diet.

It absorbs quickly into the system, usually within about 4 hours after being administered 95 percent of it is gone from the digestive system.

Side Effects

At the moment the body reaches the 100 mcg + range, it puts itself at a much greater risk of side effects such as anxiety, muscle loss, feeling weak, Tachycardia. These side effects which are notable at any dose becomes more pronounced the greater T3 is dosed,which results in increased hunger, increased body temperature,and rare cases constant flatness of the muscle.

Since it is a hormone, Cytomel effects everyone differently similar to steroids with the most common side effects being difficulty sleeping, menstruation, increased sweating, changes in heartbeat, less tolerance to heat and headaches. The most dangerous outcome of taking it can be heart failure, so monitoring your intake is very crucial.


Cytomel is of course a medication and can be prescribed in 5 migrogram (mcg), 25-mcg, and 50-mcg, depending on the level of treatment, however in the case of professional body builders it is dependent upon the level of desired results each individual is looking for. If you have any interest in acquiring this medication make sure to check with a physician first to make sure it is right for you and has know adverse effects on your physical outcome. Thank you for reading this information and I hope it may be useful for useful for you in deciding on usage.