Duration of active action: up to 2-3 days
Average doses: 50-100mg every other day
Purpose: definition, hardness, vascularisation
Action: (propionate) perceptible from about the 10th day
Dosing duration: 3-6 weeks. Detectability: up to 2 months
Properties: moderately anabolic, highly androgenic,
DHT derivative, no aromatisation, anti-estrogenic properties, moderate toxicity
HPTA blocking: moderate
Unblocking: 5 days after the last injection

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Masteron – action and effects

Masteron is a highly androgenic agent that is a synthetic derivative of DHT.
It brings great results with a low level of fat, dramatically improving the shape and hardness of muscle tissue,
which makes it one of the most desirable means of preparation for a competition.
Referring to the available literature, masteron has anti-catabolic and anti-estrogenic properties.
This is due to its ability to bind with aromatase receptors, inhibiting the enzyme in its own receptor.
It is not an agent that causes a large increase in muscle mass, but thanks to its unique property of binding SHGB and albumin,
any other AAS administered with masteron is in an unbound form,
which makes it much more active.
This is an example of joint synergistic action, which results in increased effectiveness of lower doses and yields a better result.
Masteron is especially effective when used with steroids such as
Winstrol, Parabolan, Primobolan, Oxandrolone as well as Testosterone propionate.

Masteron – side effects

Unfortunately, like any form of DHT, it can cause hair loss, prostate enlargement and acne in people prone to it.