Description and method of action

Boldenone Undecylenate is an agent used in veterinary medicine,but it is also used with great success in bodybuilding and is commonly called “the animal”. Among sports players, it is considered one of the safest and most effective anabolic-androgenic intramuscular steroids.


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It has a high anabolic index while having a low androgenic index and is often used as a substitute for Deca-Durabolin. The main effect of Boldenone is improvement of the nitrogen balance, which increases protein synthesis in muscle cells. The result is a systematic build-up of high-quality muscle that is maintained after discontinuation of the agent.

If you use “the Bold” during a cycle, you can also observe increased stimulation of red blood cells, which results in good muscle oxygenation and enhanced strength. This steroid is one of the few that provides such excellent muscle hardness and definition.

It is good in equal measure for mass, because it greatly improves appetite, which, in combination with a high anabolic index, yields good mass gains, and body sculpting – especially with a low percentage of BF.

It is most often combined with Testosterone propionate, Winstrol, Parabolan in sculpting cycles, and with Testosterone mix / enanthate and Metanabol for mass. The most common side effects are irregular heartbeat, irregular pulse and sometimes shortness of breath.

At higher doses, oily skin, acne and hair loss are noted.


Beginners take doses of 200-300mg weekly with good results, intermediate users 400-600mg / week, and advanced users 800-1000mg / week. The average period of use is 12-16 weeks.

Post cycle therapy

PCT should consist of Clomid, Nolvadex, HCG. Unblocking should be started about 18-21 days after the last Boldenone injection.



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Dr. Aditya K. Sharma

I am Dr. Aditya Sharma, a dedicated urologist specializing in kidney transplants and advanced urological surgeries. My career is driven by a passion for delivering exceptional care and pioneering surgical techniques. Outside the operating room, I have a keen interest in studying the effects of anabolic steroids on bodybuilding, seeking to understand the fine line between enhancing performance and maintaining health.