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Test Depot 300 – Sis Labs / Test. Enanthate


Test Depot 300 / Testosterone Enanthate




Test Depot 300 – Sis Labs / Testosterone Enanthate


Testosterone Enanthate is a popular and willingly used steroids by bodybuilders with varying degrees of experience in this field. Perhaps it is so popular because of the low price and great efficiency, we can guarantee the manufacturer of the chemical. Therefore, when all attempts dosage is recommended for special care and, above all, skillful preparation doses. Let us also remember that in sports doping is defined as one of the most desirable chemicals. Its main purpose is to increase muscle mass and increase muscle strength so far. It has a very strong anabolic nature. In a short period of time anyone taking it can expect quick results, provided intense physical exercise. Let us remember that it is quite versatile steroid, so we can be combined with many other drugs. But even here we must be very careful, if we value their own health and do not want to deal with serious health complications. So keep in mind the manufacturer’s recommendations to steroid treatment was successful and, above all so as not to cause side effects. So we have to be patient in waiting for the results and remember about it, not to stop therapy and do not use drugs during her lifetime.


Response: Very High, depending on the dose of the first results can be seen after a few days and the most desirable only after two to three weeks.


Recommended dosage: First of all, the dose should be repeated every five or 10 days depending on the current state of health and individual needs. The most commonly used is from 250 mg to 1000 mg.


Toxicity: Due to the conditioning anabolic measure is toxic and can cause severe and adverse impact on our liver.


Effects: An increase in muscle mass, muscle strengthening and excellent sculpture.


Side effects: increased blood pressure, hormonal problems, behavioral problems, water retention, toxicity, the liver and kidney disease, disorders of the nervous system.