Elevate your bodybuilding experience with our top-of-the-line IGF, the ideal supplement for serious athletes striving for peak performance. As the leading UK steroids store, we pride ourselves on delivering lab-tested, highest-quality products swiftly to your door with our express next-day delivery service. Trust in our IGF to fuel your fitness journey with precision-crafted potency.

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    Insulinlike Growth Factor (IGF) is a paramount component for bodybuilders looking to push beyond their limits. IGF mimics insulin in the human body and plays a crucial role in muscle growth and repair. Our highpurity IGF is designed to integrate seamlessly with your body’s natural processes, offering you the most efficient path to achieving your muscle-building goals. Labtested for quality and purity, our IGF ensures you receive nothing but the best for your regimen.


    • Enhanced Muscle Growth: Significantly increases hypertrophy for larger, more defined muscles.
    • Rapid Recovery: Reduces downtime and promotes faster healing from strenuous workouts.
    • Improved Cell Proliferation: Facilitates cell regeneration for improved organ health and function.
    • Higher Metabolic Function: Boosts metabolism, aiding in better energy utilization and fat loss.
    • Stronger Bones: Contributes to bone density, reducing the risk of fractures.
    • Incredible Endurance: Offers improved stamina, enabling longer and harder training sessions.
    • Reduced Body Fat: Optimizes fat distribution and supports the reduction of unnecessary body fat.

    How Does the Product Work?

    IGF operates as a vital growth-promoting hormone by encouraging the multiplication and differentiation of cells. It interacts synergistically with your body’s cells, enhancing the body’s ability to build muscle and repair tissue more efficiently. By doing so, IGF provides a powerful avenue for bodybuilders to accelerate their muscle mass and performance gains.

    Recommended Dosage


    • Beginners: 50-60 mcg per day to kickstart muscle development.
    • Advanced Bodybuilders: 80-120 mcg daily for maximum growth potential.


    • General: 50 mcg per day, with careful consideration to individual tolerance.

    Cycle and Post Cycle Therapy

    • Cycle Details: IGF is commonly cycled for about 4-6 weeks.
    • PCT Details: Typically, a PCT isn’t necessary for IGF, but always monitor your body’s response.
    • Recommended PCT Products and Dosage: Should it be stacked with other steroids, follow a PCT protocol suitable for the coupled steroid.

    Compatible Anabolic Steroids

    Side Effects

    Every potent supplement carries potential risks:

    • Hypoglycemia: Caution is advised due to IGF’s insulin-like properties.
    • Acromegaly: Long-term overuse can lead to abnormal growth of hands, feet, and facial features.
    • Increased Tumor Growth: Existing cancerous cells can potentially grow at an accelerated rate.
    • Joint Pain and Swelling: May occur as the body adapts to the supplement.

    Quick FAQ

    • Can IGF be used for cutting phases? Yes, with its fat redistribution properties, IGF is effective during cutting.
    • How quickly does IGF take to show results? Initial effects can be noticed in as little as 4-6 weeks.
    • Is next-day delivery available for every region in the UK? Unquestionably, we service all areas within the UK.
    • Do I need a medical prescription for IGF? No, our store provides IGF without a prescription, adhering to legal guidelines.