Testosterone Enanthate Description

Testosterone enanthate is an anabolic and androgenic steroid (AAS), it is also known as testosterone heptanoate used to treat low testosterone levels. Androgenic means enrichment of the male sex features, whereas anabolics function by enhancing muscles. Testosterone enanthate has been on the market since the 1950s and is branded using different names including Androfil, Cernos, Andropository, Delatestryl, Depandro, Durathate, Everone, Sutrone, Testanon, Testanova, Testrin, Testoviron, and Testro.


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Testosterones Enan



Diferences betwen both testosterones

Both preparations are long-acting testosterone esters, in an oily solution that maintains high testosterone levels in the blood for about 2 weeks. However, enanthate may be slightly more effective in releasing the hormone, due to the fact that it is 1 carbon atom lighter than testosterone cypionate UK (remember that the ester is included in the total, milligram weight of the agent). Even so, cypionate has become the most popular testosterone ester available on the US black market. It is worth noting that testosterone is the oldest steroid. Since its invention, many other steroids have become available, and yet testosterone is still considered to be the best muscle mass builder.

Who can use testosterone enanthate?

It is suitable for use by men who suffer from a lack of production of testosterone in the testes (hypogonadism). It is an effective replacement for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). It can also be used by transgender men for hormone therapy. It has anti-aging properties for men and can be used to control metastatic breast cancer and to treat late puberty in boys.

It is indicated as AAS because it is both synthetic and also a derivative of the testosterone hormone. It aids in energizing the body to generate its own testosterone. It has a considerable amount of anabolics which provide the desired impact but yet an even higher amount of androgenic impact.

Can you take Testosterone enanthate  on the first cycle?

For beginners, a weekly dose of 250mg to 500mg of test enanthate for a 12 weeks test enanthate  cycle is a perfect start to steroids. With this test enanthate cycle  side effects can be avoided and a beginner can get familiar with the effects.


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Testosterone enanthate dosage.

In order to maintain the best blood levels, the recommended testosterone enanthate dosage is one or two injections per week. For spectacular effects from anabolics, beginners can use a weekly test enanthate dosage of 250mg-500mg. For intermediate users, they can increase the test enanthate dosage to 700mg per week. For advanced users, they can take a testosterone enanthate dosage of up to 1000mg per week, but they should take into account the test enanthate side effects.


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Testosterone eNAN dosage, active time and other information.

remains active in the body for 2 weeks, although the injection is given once or twice a week. This allows to maintain a stable concentration of the agent in the blood. 250 mg to 800 mg per week will be sufficient. Taking a dose above 1000 mg of ENAN per week is not necessary, on the contrary. Such large amounts without the use of IA will cause a very clear water retention, contribute to the complete loss of muscle definition. Other side effects are then also highly likely. Moreover, such a high dosage is unprofitable (price / effectiveness ratio). Stacks with oral agents such as Dianabol and Anadrol are often used. On the other hand, players who care more about the quality of gained mass will combine it with injectable anabolics – Deca-Durabolin or Equipoise. In most cases, combining testosterone with another AAS lowers its required, effective doses.

How long can cycles take on testosterone enanthate?

Test enanthate cycles can be grouped into beginners, intermediate, and advanced users. For beginners, they can either do a 12, 8, or 10 weeks cycle. For intermediate users, they can either do a 12,8, or 15 weeks cycle. Lastly, for the advanced users, the best test enanthate cycle is 12-15 weeks cycle.

Which other pharmaceuticals can you take with test enanthate?

There are a few drugs that interact with test enanthate.

Anticoagulants – These are blood thinners and help in preventing blood clots. They’re used in adjusted doses with testosterone to prevent increased bleeding.

Diabetes Drugs – Testosterone may reduce blood sugar and insulin. Therefore diabetes Drugs need to be adjusted.

Corticosteroids – The use with testosterone should be cautious for people with heart or kidney problems. As the two combined can cause water retention and lead to heart failure.

What are the Test enanthate benefits?

There a number of test enanthate benefits to the body. Different testosterone enanthate results can be expected from its use.

• Increases body mass by increasing protein and decreasing cortisol.
• Increases bone mass and the production of red blood cells.
• It may increase libido and enhanced physical strength.
• Improves physical and mental health.

People should realise that in order to get desired testosterone enanthate results, proper nutrition and regular exercise should be maintained.

What is Post Cycle Therapy after testo enanthate ?

An androgenic steroids cycle affects the normal functionality of hormones. The post cycle therapy is useful in getting hormones back on track. It is critical and should be taken as seriously as a test enanthate cycle. The steroids post cycle therapy requires a lot of medicine and a person needs to know how to take them and how to combine them to work together.

We recommend HCG after every anabolic steroids cycle.

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Test enanthate where to buy in the UK.

Where to get test enanthate UK? Legit labtested testosterones esters in UK is hard to find. The reason being it is licenced hence making it more expensive. So to answer the frequently asked question, “test enanthate where to buy?” in the UK it is a class C controlled drug, and hence the possession of the drug is illegal. There testo enanthate for sale with cypionate is available on our website.

Testosterone Enan where to buy.

In other countries, such as the US, the legal steroids can be bought online or from FDA approved pharmacies near your location. For all those who always have that “testosterone enanthate where to buy” thought to cross their minds, it’s not so hard to purchase them as testo enanthate for sale is available in legal online markets.

What are the side effects of testosterone enanthate?

• Possible loss of hair, gynecomastia and acne.
• Nausea and headaches for some people.
• High blood pressure can occur from water retention.
• Water retention may cause gains not be made of solid muscle.
• Some people complain of irritation in the injection area.
• When administered to pregnant women it can cause virilisation on the fetus (where a girl develops male characteristics).

What is testosterone?

Testosterone is a hormone found in both animals and humans. In males, it is the main anabolic steroid and male sex hormone. It is vital in the growth of male reproductive organs such as testes. It also enhances male characteristics such as muscle and bone mass. It is also found in females’ ovaries although it is in low amounts.

The history of testosterone.

It was introduced during a scientific conference in Paris on June 1, 1889, by 72-year-old Dr. Charles Brown-Sequard. He described them as miraculous enhancements to his physical and mental stamina. He introduced it as a concoction made of blood, testicular fluid, and semen taken out of dogs and guinea pigs.

The concoction was named “Elixir Of Life”, and by the end of that year, it was prescribed by over 12,000 physicians. The very beneficial hormone finally got its name testosterone in 1935. It had a lot of benefits including anti-aging benefits, increased performance, and energy. However, it stopped being extracted from dogs’ and guinea pigs’ testicles.

In the same year two researchers, Swiss researcher Leopold Ruzicka, and German researcher Adolf Butenandt discovered how to synthesize it. After commercializing it they jointly won a Nobel Prize for chemistry for achievement. It has since then been the most sought after substance in sport, fitness, and health.

Ester: what is it and why does it matter?

An ester is a chemical compound formed from the reaction between carboxylic acid and alcohol. It is added to drugs to increase the half-life. Testosterone has a very short half-life. Testosterone in its pure form gets absorbed quickly in the system, adding an ester to it blocks the OH group and stops it from binding to androgen receptors immediately. After the steroid is released into the bloodstream the ester gets neutralised by esterase enzymes making the hormone active. It is found mostly on testosterone made for hormone therapy. It is vital in maintaining a consistent level of testosterone in the blood.

The most popular testosterone esters: what’s the difference?

The three most popular types of testosterone esters are testosterone cypionate, testosterone enanthate, and testosterone propionate.

• Testosterone cypionate- it is a slow-acting, fat-soluble long testosterone ester, used mainly for TRT and HRT in the United States. It has a half-life of 8-9 days and is dissolved in cottonseed oil, to help HRT users to manage with just one injection weekly.

• Testosterone enanthate- it is almost similar to test cypionate, it’s slow-acting and fat-soluble too. It is usually prescribed interchangeably with test cypionate. It is dissolved in sesame oil or cottonseed oil. It also has a half-life of 8-9 days.

• Testosterone propionate- it has a half-life of just 3-4 days and is a short-acting ester. It provides high plasma levels of testosterone. The high levels drop if propionate is not infected twice or thrice a week to maintain a balance. It is not commonly used by HRT users. It is different from the others since it is the most painful injection. The reason why it’s painful is because of 120C. The rest have a melting point of 36C.

There a few differences between the esters. The long-acting esters result in the slowest peak of testosterone plasma levels. They also increase Nitrogen retention than short-acting esters, as a result, it is converted to Estrogen. The testosterone cypionate is more anabolic than testosterone propionate.

What are the expected results from using testosterone?

Testosterone has effects across the body of an adult.

• Muscles: It increases muscle mass and strength and it also enhances protein synthesis.

• Brain: helps in improving sex drive, increases memory and cognition. It also affects feelings.

• Heart: improves cardiac output and blood flow.

• Body fat: it increases the levels of fat-burning receptors (beta-adrenergic), and also stops uptake and storage of fat.

• Bones: it works in bones by maintaining bone density, bone growth and increases the production of red blood cells.

• Kidneys: testosterone erythropoietin (EPO) that enhances the production of red blood cells.

• Male sex organs: it enhances penis growth, erectile function and supports production and viability of sperms.

• Skin: it produces hair and increases the production of collagen.

Side effects from testosterone cycle.

The side effects mostly remain similar no matter what testosterone ester is used. Testosterone has androgenic side effects that result from the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. Hence the use of anti-estrogens or aromatase inhibitors is important in inhibiting the side effects. Some individuals may be more prone to side effects than others.

Some of the side effects include:

• Gyno- this involves the swelling of the breast tissue, and when it’s too sever can only be treated with surgery. It results from excessive estrogen levels.

• Acne- some people may suffer from acne due to the oil a testosterone ester is put in. It is more prone to people with oily skin who suffered from acne earlier in their teens.

• Water retention- this results from the presence of more subcutaneous fluids, therefore it causes bloating and loss of muscle definition.

Testosterone cycle for beginners.

Testosterone puts the body in an anabolic state. This is good when bulking is the main goal. For a testosterone only dosage of 250mg-500mg, an 8-week Cycle is recommended for beginners.

Testosterone cycle for those with more experience.

For more experienced users, they can carry out 12-week or 15-week cycles. The dosages vary depending on the cycle and aim of taking the testosterone.

Testosterone post-cycle therapy (PCT).

The testosterone post-cycle therapy is vital, mostly it will depend on which ester was used and its half-life duration. PCT helps with kick-starting production of natural testosterone. It is also vital for not losing gains. Aromatase inhibitors can be used to block estrogen.

How does testosterone affect muscle performance?

Testosterone primarily enhances muscle growth, this happens even when it is being produced naturally in the body.

How testosterone makes muscles bigger.

The existing theories indicate, that it increases and activates satellite cells- muscle fiber precursor cells. The precursor cells can be integrated into existing muscle fibers to make them grow big. The precursor cells can also get together by themselves and create new muscle fibers.

How testosterone makes muscles stronger.

It increases calcium that is produced within the cells, therefore, boosting the strength of muscle contractions. DHT has also been found to increase muscle contraction force by up to 24-30%.

How testosterone boosts endurance.

When testosterone levels are within normal ranges, they haven’t been seen to affect athletic performance in men. For women in the world championships, those with high testosterone levels outdid those with low-bioavailable testosterone levels.


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