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PCT Tabs 100 Mg/ Tab
Tamoxifen Citrate20

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The Importance of PCT

The significance of PCT in bodybuilding and athletics cannot be overstated. After a cycle of anabolic steroids, the body’s natural production of testosterone is usually suppressed. Without proper PCT, it can take a prolonged period for the body to regain its hormonal balance, which can result in a loss of muscle mass and strength gained during the cycle. Additionally, insufficient testosterone can lead to mood swings, fatigue, and reduced sexual function.

PCT Tabs by Pharmaqo Labs provide a multi-faceted approach to PCT, targeting various aspects of post-cycle recovery. By combining Tamoxifen Citrate, Clomifene, Tadalafil, and Mesterolone, PCT Tabs ensure a comprehensive and efficient post-cycle recovery.

Pharmaqo Labs’ PCT Tabs is a novel formulation designed to support the body’s natural hormonal balance after an anabolic steroid cycle. These tabs have been precisely engineered to contain four potent ingredients: Tamoxifen Citrate, Clomifene, Tadalafil, and Mesterolone. Each ingredient plays a pivotal role in helping the body to regain its natural state after a steroid cycle, mitigating the potential side effects of anabolic steroids.

Understanding PCT Tabs

Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) is an essential phase that bodybuilders and athletes initiate after an anabolic steroid cycle. Its primary goal is to restore the body’s natural hormonal balance, maintain gains achieved during the cycle, and prevent any side effects due to hormonal imbalances. Each ingredient in PCT Tabs has a specific role:

Tamoxifen Citrate (20mg): Tamoxifen Citrate, also known as Nolvadex, is an anti-estrogen medication. It prevents the adverse effects of high estrogen levels in the body, such as gynecomastia and water retention. Moreover, it helps to stimulate the production of luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), which in turn prompts the natural production of testosterone.

Clomifene (50mg): Clomifene is another potent anti-estrogen compound. It helps to prevent the negative feedback of estrogen on the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis, enhancing the production of LH and FSH. This results in increased natural testosterone production. Furthermore, Clomifene can help maintain the gains made during the steroid cycle.

Tadalafil (5mg): Tadalafil, commonly known as Cialis, is included for its vasodilating properties. It helps to improve blood flow throughout the body, including the sexual organs, leading to better pumps during workouts and improved sexual performance, an aspect often affected after a steroid cycle.

Mesterolone (25mg): Mesterolone, known as Proviron, has strong anti-estrogen properties and is an excellent addition to a PCT protocol. It increases the total amount of free testosterone, improving muscle function and preventing water retention. Its androgenic properties also help maintain libido, which can be affected during PCT.